Foraged Flora: A Year of Gathering and Arranging Wild Plants and Flowers by Louesa Roebuck and Sarah Lonsdale

Love flowers? Love nature? Love vibrant colors? Love photography? Then you will love this book.  Titled Foraged Flora: A Year of Gathering and Arranging Wild Plants and Flowers by Louesa Roebuck and Sarah Lonsdale, this book is for those of us who can get lost in the pages of a beautifully photographed book on nature and flowers.


“There is endless beauty and bounty all around us, right in front of us, waiting to be seen and embraced and taken into our homes, if we can only see it. ”  Louesa Roebuck



Foraged Flora is one eye-popping eye-candy of a book for any flower and nature lover.  From the moment you see the cover it will grab your attention and entice you to open the pages and explore the wonders inside.


Foraged Flora is a deep, dark, decadent book on flowers, leaves, twigs and branches presented in the most rich and opulent of settings.




Peacock blues, rich reds, pretty pinks, turquoise, azure, opulent ochre, dark purples, violets and black – these are the types of colors you will see in this book.  Such richness in nature shown off to perfection – sometimes you may wonder – is this all for real?




Authors Louisa and Sarah capture flowers, twigs, branches, and leaves in the most dreamy of lighting that many times I just wanted to just drink the photos.


Even the cover of this book is decadent. It is so ethereal that I wish this cover could be translated into a lush fabric or a lovely greeting card.


The book is presented in a very interesting fashion – as interesting as the intriguing photography in it.


Every chapter is dedicated to a month of the year and in each chapter authors Sarah and Louise narrate their own perspectives on the flowers and containers in the chapter. It’s like reading a dialogue in a script.


Added allure is the sprinkling of poetry and quotes from various authors and poets. These quotes are used as introductions to each new chapter setting the stage for a dreamy viewing of the pages to come.




I perused through this book a few times on cloudy afternoons with a warm cup of tea. It was also perfect eye candy on lazy warm weekends and made me look forward to autumn, to the dark evenings and to the wonderful vibrancy of golden mums and orange pumpkins.




No matter what your color fancy, there is something in this book for you. Flowers and plants in rich colors are so beautifully photographed that they bring images of sultry sunsets.



Roses in so many shades of pink and red yet somehow they all look like they belong together.



Alliums, fennels, and cherry blossoms are shown off in exotic urns and Far East containers for those who like a more bohemian look.




Honestly, I probably won’t have a chance to make a fraction of the arrangements featured in this book – but that’s not what this book is about. This book is for those of us who love rich over the top color and texture in nature, all beautifully displayed and photographed.


Grab a copy of this outstanding winner of a book on flowers and nature and get lost in the opulent pages.


You can find a copy of Foraged Flora: A Year of Gathering and Arranging Wild Plants and Flowers by Louesa Roebuck and Sarah Lonsdale on Amazon.


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    1. This is a gorgeous book Basanthi! Its grat to peruse through it with a cup of tea after dinner – very relaxing and exciting at the same time to see such beautiful flowers and nature.

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