Walking Tour of Chicago, Illinois

Chicago, Illinois came about as our destination for our Spring Break in 2018 because of Rani.  Rani plays cello in her school orchestra and they were participating at the Chicago International Music Festival at the beginning of their spring break, so we decided to stop by Chicago to see her orchestra perform and combine it with a weekend visit to the Windy City.



The best way to see the sites in this city is walking and exploring all that Chicago has to offer. Downtown, the Chicago River north area, the theatre district, and the area known as the Magnificent Mile are all perfect for a walking tour.

Sri’s sketch of downtonw Chicago

Here is a look at the sites we saw as we walked and explored the city of Chicago.

Chicago River North




Walking over the bridge is cold and windy as ever 🌬💨




The Theatre District


Spring Festival at Macy’s Department Store


To bring a splash of spring to wintery Chicago, Macy’s department store had a flower show with spring flowers on display at their flagship store in downtown. Most of the Chicagoans we talked to were complaining that even they were tiered of the cold winter and were ready to put away their winter coats.



The entire first floor was decorated with springtime color and splashes of flowers to urge spring to arrive!







A grand spring scene welcomed visitors to the open and airy atrium at the center of the department store.


The ceiling of this gorgeous atrium was made of turquoise and pearly mosaic tiles. Just beautiful!


Showers of butterflies dangled from the beautiful atrium ceiling to usher in spring.



Walked by Millennium Park and the Bean


Checked out the American Writers Museum



Stopped by the Art Institute of Chicago



Last stop, the Chicago Symphony Hall to see Rani’s school orchestra perform.

IMG_6361 (1)


Chicago on foot is a wonderful way to see the windy city.


Next blog post: The American Writers Museum.

6 thoughts on “Walking Tour of Chicago, Illinois”

  1. Thanks for your interesting review, I also want to dive into historical culture of Chicago. When i was travelling in Europe, last summer, i walking through the most popular and famous places with a tour guide and it was unforgettable)
    It was amazing experience for me, the most cool things that you could meet there new people. You can walking together, laughing and to see unforgettable views.Seems it was Generation Tours.
    have you the same tour suggestions in your city, do you know?

    1. I’m happy to know you enjoyed this walking tour of Chicago. Actually I dont live in Chicago, I was just visiting for a couple of days, so I am not aware of Generation Tours and how good they are in Chicago. I am sure there maybe other local tours that offer the same service, and of the travel web sites would have that information. Good luck!

  2. I feel like I just had a tour of Chicago with you two!! How awesome that Rani plays in the orchestra, I hope all went very well 🙂 These pictures are incredible! Thank you for the vicarious travels!

    1. Thank you!! I am so glad you enjoyed the tour of Chicago through our eyes 😊. It was cold for sure, but we got lucky that the temps were in the 50s and not it the 30s as predicted!

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