Local Farmer’s Markets

Farmer’s markets are so awesome!  What a treat to be able to buy fresh picked veggies and fruit straight from the farmers who grow them. Did I mention freshly picked? And ready for our enjoyment?


IMG_0754.jpgThere is a certain charm that farmers markets have that’s hard to describe.  The vendors are in a good mood, the customers are in a good mood, and everyone is always happy at the farmer’s market.  I think it’s all that color from the bountiful fruits and veggies, the fresh open air, all the flowers, people everywhere – it’s a form of healthy socializing.  So we try as much as possible to head to our local farmer’s market every Sunday morning.



IMG_0760I have to admit, it’s hard for me to get ready and go out on Sunday mornings (its the one day that I just want to sleep in). Because of this I don’t make it to the farmer’s market as often as I would like, but Hitesh and Anjali are our farmer’s market gurus.  They will go diligently every Sunday morning come rain or shine. I give them my list of produce to pick up, and of course I usually I get a call from the farmer’s market letting me know what other veggies and fruits are available that are not on my list. They say it’s to get my permission to buy them 🙂




IMG_2256I encourage you to go to your local farmer’s market whenever you get the chance.  It really puts you in a good mood.  The fresh air, the colorful veggies, the sweet fruit, the vendors selling condiments and cheeses and other home-made goods, all bring out the happy sensations in our body and soul 🙂






2 thoughts on “Local Farmer’s Markets”

  1. my dad always brought fresh produce from the Farmer’s Market in Maryland – he never liked going to the Supermarket for Fruit /Vegetable shopping . fascinating images .

  2. Sweet!!! Love all the photos! Yes, I must agree – the energy at a farmer’s market is a unique experience! Surfing the different aisles of fresh produce, baked goods, gourmet foods, condiments, etc., can be overwhelming and therapeutic at the same time! I totally recommend it! Thanks for sharing!💝

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