3 thoughts on “Salad of Roasted Cauliflower and Olives”

  1. Hi Kalpana, Thanks for posting the recipes for Roasted Cauliflower and Olives salad as well as the
    vinaigrette Dressing. The salad looks simply mouthwatering and and I’m definitely going to make it soon. I had always liked your dressing and I have the recipe to make it. I enjoy reading all your blogs even though I may not respond always. Please do keep writing and posting.
    ❤️💗💜😊 Devi

    1. Thank you Devi for all your encouragement! Much appreciated! I do wonder if people are enjoying the articles I write or if they are even reading them, but you are right. I realized that not everyone comments even if they do read my stories, once i realized that, I am okay with it. Thank you for your comments I do appreciate them 🙂

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