A Movie Scene Christmas Market

Over the weekend I got a text from my sister in Philadelphia asking me what one of my daughters would like for Christmas, as she was at a Christmas Market on a farm looking for some cool finds. Her text to me read, “I’m at a German Christmas market on a farm.  It’s snowing outside and there’s nice apple cider inside!  Just loving it!


When I saw her message I have to be honest I got a little envious. I am not a big fan of winter. Living in northern California we get used to mild warm weather all year round. Our idea of cold is anything below 50 degrees, and we can only handle winter for 3 months, by March we are all eagerly waiting for spring and summer to return. But even I can admit that when Banu described the snow and cider at a Christmas market on a farm – it made me want to experience winter in it’s full glory.  I asked her to send me a few photos, this way I could live vicariously through her. Here is a sampling of the photos my sister shared. These pictures truly look like a scene out of a Hallmark Christmas movie, and here I thought Hallmark movies were all filmed on movie sets 😀.


How Banu stumbled upon this charming farm.

It seems her friend knits and sells gloves, hats, scarves, bags, knit owls, rabbits, even crocheted bikinis! My sister said her friend makes everything herself and donates the proceeds to a local charity.  Banu went on to explain that this year her friend had a table at the German Market at Life’s Patina at Meadowbrook Farm and invited her. Banu’s text to me was ” I only went to support her; but just fell in love with the place. That’s my intro to this place!”


She went on to explain how at one end of the barn house there was a big old wooden table with 5 black cauldrons bubbling with homemade soups. “This was my lunch! texted my sister.


“Samplings of home made shortbread cookies, local honey and maple syrup setup throughout on elegant antique trays.  I usually stress over Christmas shopping;  but this was the most relaxing, and enjoyable shopping experience!” my sister Banu’s description of this magical place.


Here is more information about this unique farm in Pennsylvania. “

“At Life’s Patina, we host Pop-Up Barn Sales in a renovated historic bank barn that was originally used as a dairy barn in Chester County Pennsylvania. Four large Barn Sales are held during the year, one for each season. Smaller sales and special events are sprinkled throughout the rest of the year as well as By appointment Only showings. Here one can find artistically displayed vignettes combining antiques, one of a kind pieces that we make out of reclaimed objects, artwork from local artists in a variety of mediums, and new home decor, accessories and gift items that seamlessly blend with the old. We support a local charity for each event and a portion of the proceeds are donated to that charity.” LifesPatina.com


To read more about this eclectic farm/home decor venue in the Philadelphia area check out this link Lifes Patina. Willowbrook Farm

Happy Holiday Shopping 🛍!


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