If Ornaments Could Talk

Every year we have a battle with the kids regarding our Christmas tree. We want an artificial one – one that we can quickly assemble and that is pre-lit, so we don’t have to worry about picking a real tree, and then bring it home, and try and get it through the front door, then water the tree every day, and then when it’s all said and done, cut it into pieces so that the city can pick it up on New Year’s. We want a gorgeous artificial Christmas tree 🎄.

To be or not to be? Artificial or Real?

The kids however insist on a real tree. They enjoy picking a tree, the smell of pine, and the whole experience of bringing the tree home.


But do they help in watering the tree? NO! Do they help in bringing the tree into the home? NO! Do they help in cutting the tree after Christmas and leave it on the curbside? NO! So why then do we succumb to their insistence on having a real tree? I honestly don’t know. But I do know that they win this Christmas tree battle every year. It’s always a real tree 🌲.

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A Themed Tree?

For years I used to wonder how come no matter how much care we took to decorate our tree, our Christmas tree never looked as wow as the ones in the catalogs and magazines. I just couldn’t figure it out. Mind you, the kids, family and friends all loved the way our tree looked, but somehow it never looked like the pictures in magazines.


Then last year I actually analyzed all the perfectly decorated Christmas trees in catalogs, magazines and online blogs, and I discovered a pattern. All these beautiful Christmas trees have a theme – a sea theme, red, gold and blue themed, nostalgic theme, western them, pink theme, modern theme, theme, theme, theme! That’s what makes all those gorgeous trees look so perfect.



So in an effort to create that same magazine style Christmas tree look, last year I decided to have a theme on our tree! I chose to decorate our tree with red, gold, and silver and Santa Claus ornaments. It looked amazing and I loved it! I even had friends comment on how gorgeous our tree looked. I was asked what I did different this year, the tree looked especially professional. I proudly explained my theme theory and got nods of approval. But did my kids like it? They HATED THE TREE!


The kids were so upset that not all the ornaments got put up on our tree, they didn’t speak to me for days. “What the heck” I thought. The tree looked darn good. But to the kids, it wasn’t fair. It wasn’t fair that not all the ornaments got on the tree.

Not Fair?

Are they serious? Can ornaments talk or do they have feelings? What does that even mean that it’s not fair that not all the ornaments got displayed? Geez! Kids never embraced my themed tree last year. My husband just shook his head wondering what all the fuss was about. I stood my ground. I told him for 15 years I have been decorating the Christmas tree in whichever way the kids wanted, 2016 was the year I was going to decorate it my way, and it was going to have a theme!


If Ornaments Could Talk

The next battle when it comes to our Christmas tree is whether to decorate the tree with all our ornaments or a select few. All the drama last year surrounding the ornaments got me thinking, if ornaments could talk, what would they say as we get our ornament boxes out from our basement or attic?  Do ornaments get excited? Are they happy to be on display? To be touched and admired by many?


 If ornaments could talk what would they say?

Yeah, we get to see sunlight!”

I can’t wait to be on the Christmas Tree!

I like to watch the family and their friends sit around the tree and admire us ornaments .

I like to watch everyone open their presents.”  

“I want everyone to see my glittery workmanship.”  

“I like it when Anjali looks at me so affectionately and remembers who gave me to her.”


Are the ornaments worried that there might be a themed Christmas tree this year?

I hope they make this year’s theme about animals because then I get to be on the tree!

“I wonder what the theme is this year? I really want to see sunlight and be on the tree this year!”  

“I hope they don’t do a theme tree because I want to be on display with all my ornament buddies.”  

“I hate themed trees! Just leave me in the box why don’t you, so I don’t get disappointed that you didn’t pick me!”


I don’t want to be in the stinkin ornament bowl!

I saw a cool idea for displaying ornaments that don’t make it onto the Christmas tree – place them in a bowl so they can still be admired.  But this got me thinking, if I were an ornament how would I feel about that?

I hope I get picked to be on the Christmas tree!

I don’t want to be in the leftover ornament bowl!”


Fast forward to 2017

Last weekend we got our real Christmas tree again just as the kids wanted. As we get ready to decorate the tree I decided there will be NO THEME, or color themed tree, or some semblance of any theme this year!


All Ornaments or Some?

The kids can put whatever ornaments and ALL ornaments on our tree even if it means that our tree may honestly fall from the weight of too many ornaments.


Because let’s face it, when ornaments come out of their boxes once a year, they ALL deserve to be on the Christmas tree!!


If ornaments could talk they all want to be on the tree 🎄!





13 thoughts on “If Ornaments Could Talk”

  1. Beautiful! I love the “if Ornaments could talk”. You have nicely put it.

    They would all say “Thank God we are in the right home here. We can at least see the sunlight once in while!”

  2. what a great post, kalpana! if my ornaments could talk, they would be grumbling, “oh, she brought all of us down from the attic but again, she’s using an already-trimmed tree”! i, too, love themed trees in the magazines and for the most part, i have ornaments with a hawaiian theme and i have red ornaments. that’s about as themetic as i got. maybe next year i’ll get a 3 or 4-foot artificial tree so i can use some of my ornaments and put it in the family room. 🙂

    1. You are so right, I never thought of it that way but ornaments do “talk” as each one as a story to communicate, and it is so true they do have a history as well. We have been upset when some of our ornaments have broken and are irrepalceable. – ornaments do evoke so many emotions n us. A themed tree looks rather cold and aloff in that regard.

  3. Oh, I really dread Christmas; but it is excellent to see everyone else enjoying it so much. Your Christmas trees were all so excellent! There are SO many ornaments.

    1. Thank you! Yes, we do have way too many ornaments! With a family of 5 and everyone having their own tastes on what they like, we end up having a large collection. Kids have a hard time letting go of even one. Happy hoidays to you!

    1. Thank you! Meant no offense about having an ornament bowl – they are so beautiful! I am sure if my kids were all in college that is what I would probably do too! It’s a lot of work putting all the ornament on the tree! Happy Holidays to you!

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