Friday Farm Stand

Happy Friday!

After days and days of cloudy skies, rain and cold weather, the sun finally came out yesterday and warmed up my spirits. I just couldn’t resist taking a picture of the sunny blue skies.



Between the wind and rain we had the past few weeks all my trees finally dropped their leaves and are shining silvery bare.


Among the pictures of silver, blue and green I also took photos of these farm fresh veggies this week.  So many lush vibrant colors on these delicious vegetables that it reminded me that spring will be here soon enough. It always amazes me how gorgeous farm fresh veggies are!


I took this photo in the late afternoon hence the sun shining ever so delicately on the veggies right before it set for the evening. In this basket are multicolored carrots, pink radish, white radish, golden beets and fennel.


Have a wonderful weekend everyone full of color and joy!



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