Family Bachelorette Getaway. Weekend in Sausalito

Hello hope you had a good weekend. Ready for the full week ahead? It’s still summer folks, and the perfect time to sneak in a weekend getaway. Our family spent this past weekend in the town of Sausalito on the other side of the Golden Gate Bridge.

The charming enclave of Sausalito

Sausalito is a picturesque little oceanfront hamlet on the other side of the Golden Gate Bridge. A little town with hillside homes, charming waterfront downtown strip, and the best views of San Francisco.

With lots of little cafes and restaurants, shops, and plenty of benches on the waterfront to sit and relax, one can spend a leisurely afternoon just strolling downtown Sausalito.

There are views of the city of San Francisco, seals, jet ski surfers, boats and ferries aplenty to entertain us on the waterfront. You can even rent bikes and take a leisurely ride alongside the water.

Pics of the delicious foods we ate in town

Heath Ceramics. The jewel of Sausalito

Did you know world famous Heath Ceramics is based in Sausalito? Their flagship store, the factory, and assembly are all located on Heath Dr a few blocks outside the downtown strip.

Hanging out and just chilling by the water

The objective of this weekend was just to relax by the water and hangout with the family. That’s exactly what we accomplished 🥰😄.

For a break from touring San Francisco stop by Sausalito on the other side of Golden Gate Bridge.

And that’s a wrap folks. I hope you get to sneak in a couple of weekend holidays before the summer is up.

Happy July!

7 thoughts on “Family Bachelorette Getaway. Weekend in Sausalito”

  1. Such a relaxing weekend getaway! Love all the pics of the family, the fun activities, the delicious food…love Sausalito!😍.

  2. Fun getaway! It’s so different from the South Bay but not too far 🌊. Did you make it to Le Garage or Avatar’s? I love Heath Ceramics too. Glad you had a fun family time 🥰

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