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Vegetables from the Garden

Last year was the first year we had a veggie patch.  And as novice vegetable gardeners we just went nuts buying a ton of seedlings, not realizing that those tiny seedlings grow into huge vegetable plants with tons and tons of vegetables!!  I had so many vegetables I was giving them away to friends to the point where one of my friends said she didn’t want any more!  It was loads of fun for all of us to go up the hill to check on our veggies, pick what was ready, and bring them down to cook or eat in a salad.  We even hosted a couple of veggie picking parties with our cousins.  Here are a bunch of pictures from our 2015-veggie harvest! Continue reading Vegetables from the Garden

Summer Garden Ladies Evening

In the summer of 2008 I hosted a Summer Garden Ladies Evening. I wanted to give all my lady friends a chance to get dressed up and come hang out in the garden.  But I also wanted them to just enjoy themselves and just be served.  After thinking about this for a while I came up with the idea of asking the guys (mostly husbands of the ladies coming) if they would be willing to be waiters and servers and bartenders for the evening. The guys were thrilled to be surrounded by so many ladies and happily agreed!!  It was a fun filled evening with drinks, food, plenty of laughter and good cheer. Continue reading Summer Garden Ladies Evening

Our First Spring Garden Ladies Lunch

2014 is the first year I hosted a Spring Garden Ladies Lunch in our new home in Los Gatos.  We moved a year earlier but it took me a year to get the garden updated to my liking.  Don’t get me wrong; the garden in this property is what sold me on the home! Continue reading Our First Spring Garden Ladies Lunch