Dark Chocolate Stuffed Fresh Figs

I’ve been wanting to make something fun and exciting with fresh figs for a while now. The idea for stuffed figs enrobed in dark chocolate is what came to my mind.


Gorgeous decadent and delicious

I wanted these stuffed figs to look gorgeous and taste decadent.  I stuffed the figs with a variety of flavors and covered them in dark chocolate. Then to give them a rich over the top color I embellished them with vibrant edible flower petals from my garden.


I chose three flavors to fill my fresh figs

I filled my fresh figs with crystallized ginger, orange marmalade, and sour cherry jam.  Since these flavors were going to be stuffed inside the figs, to identify what flavors were in the fruit I embellished each stuffed fig with different colored flower petals.


The sour cherry stuffed figs had dark pink rose petals, crystallized ginger stuffed figs had tiny amber-colored chrysanthemum petals, and the orange marmalade stuffed figs had larger bright yellow chrysanthemum petals.

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These stuffed figs look and taste amazing!

But the best part is the “wow” reaction you will get when they are served. When my daughter Anjali saw these chocolate figs this is was her reaction, “Wow, these look like they came from a fancy gourmet chocolate shop.

IMG_6351 (1).jpg

Dark Chocolate Stuffed Figs with Edible Petals


  • 16 fresh figs
  • To make approximately 16 small stuffed figs, I melted two 16 oz bars of dark chocolate.
  • Orange marmalade – 4 tsp
  • Sour Cherry Jam 4 tsp
  • Soft crystallized ginger cut into small pieces – 4 pieces cut into small pieces
  • Pesticide free edible petals from the garden such as rose petals, pansies and chrysanthemum petals


  • Melt the chocolate in a water bath until creamy.  A water bath is done by heating water in a large bowl and then placing another bowl over the water, in this bowl chocolate can be melted very slowly and gently so as not to allow it to crystallize and harden.
  • Once the chocolate is melted lower the heat and leave the bowl in the water bath to keep the chocolate soft and creamy.
  • Make a slit at the bottom of the fresh figs. Stuff with 1/2 tsp jam or candied ginger.
  • Gently close the fig and then roll in the melted chocolate until the fig is completely covered in chocolate. Place the chocolate covered fig on parchment paper.
  • Next add edible petals to the wet chocolate.
  • Continue doing this with all the figs.  When all the figs are stuffed and enrobed in chocolate, place in the refrigerator for 1 hour.
IMG_6345 (1).jpg
  • When ready to serve figs, take out of refrigerator and serve right away.
IMG_6351 (1)

Sour Cherry Jam filled Figs with Rose Petals:

IMG_6277 (1)

Candied Ginger Stuffed Figs with Tiny Amber Chrysanthemum Petals


Orange Marmalade Stuffed Figs with Large Yellow Chrysanthemum Petals and Orange Colored Rose Petals

IMG_6351 (1).jpg

Cook’s Notes: Because these chocolates are made with fresh fruit they will only last in the refrigerator for a couple of days. Stuffed figs will make a very special after dinner treat. Serve these delicacies with vanilla ice cream or just coffee or tea.


There must be something about figs.
According to legend, it was while seated beneath a fig tree, or a close relative the Bodhi tree that Gautama Siddhartha (aka the Buddha) received the enlightenment, which gave birth to a new religion.
The Bodhi Tree at the Mahabodhi Temple in Bodh Gaya, India is believed to be a direct descendant of the sacred fig tree under which the Buddha attained enlightenment.”
from First fig: ‘every fruit has its secret’  gerryco23.com

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    1. I too wasnt a fan of fresh figs in the beginning, but now I do enjoy them when they are in season. These stuffed figs add a bit of additional flavor to the fresh fig which is wonderful.

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