Visit To Our Local Nursery

On this Sunday, the weather was gorgeous, birds were chirping, and we got the urge to go shopping for some plants for our garden.  It was an impulse trip but so satisfying and so much fun.

We headed to our local Summerwinds Nursery.  The nursery was stocked to the brim with gorgeous flowering plants, veggie seedlings, and bushes.  Color, color everywhere in this nursery.  I just wanted to buy everything I saw, but I held back.

We didn’t go nuts buying too many plants, our garden is pretty full already. But the garden bug bit us, and we wanted to get a few more for the garden.

IMG_8465I bought some herbs like mint, French thyme, Persian basil, chives and a couple of deep dark burgundy dianthus, which have this amazing fragrance.  Hitesh and the girls bought a few Japanese cucumber seedlings, and a couple of pepper seedlings.  I even saw a few parents at the nursery with little kids – 3 to 6 year olds shopping for veggie seedlings.  A couple of little ones were holding their tiny plants like it was some precious commodity.  It was such a cute sight to see. 🙂




Honestly, most of the fun was just walking around the nursery exploring all the plants.  It was a great way to spend an hour outside in the fresh air before heading to Costco to do our more necessary groceries.





Happy Gardening!

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