Guys Brunch on a Sunday Afternoon

We find guys are so hard to get gifts for.  Wine, coffee, chocolates, gourmet foods, these are what we turn to when we are struggling to figure out what to get our guy.  Do you see a pattern here?  They are all food-related presents. You know the age-old saying, “A way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.”  That holds true no matter who the man is.

So this year the girls and I decided to give a Father’s Day present that is different, maybe not even a present all wrapped up   We decided to host a Guys Brunch on a Sunday Afternoon as a Father’s Day present for Hitesh.  We invited a small group of friends to come over and have brunch with Hitesh, relax and hang out.


With the help of a few of my girlfriends we served the gentleman a delicious lunch on a Sunday afternoon.  Here is what we had on the menu.

Guys Brunch on a Sunday Afternoon Menu:

Gluten-free Scones and Cream.  Debi
Homemade jam Rose
Cheese Platter.  Mahesh
Assorted Nuts.  Anjali
Croissants.  Kamal
Spinach and Leek Strata  – Oliver
Quinoa Salad.   Van
Rava Idlis with Coconut Chutney.  Swati
Indian Spiced Roasted Veggies With Hard-boiled Eggs.  Me
Served with chapattis. Nando
Cold Steel-cut Oatmeal with Spices, Raisins and Dates. With whole milk and honey.  Me
Flourless Chocolate Torte. with fresh whipped cream.  Carl & Tracy
Fresh Berries and Fruit
Ethiopia Yirgacheffee Coffee.  Gifted by Rose & Dave

The brunch began at 11:30am and all the guys arrived ready to relax, hang out, and party.  We had set up our courtyard for this event.  We added more chairs and moved another umbrella for extra shade. We even had guy-friendly candles and decor for this special gathering.


But after about 30 minutes into the brunch, the sun got just a little too hot for it to be comfortable outside and we ended up moving everyone inside into the cool air-conditioned kitchen and family room.








From the looks of it they seemed to be having a great time!





Interestingly, two of the guys at the party found out they both grew up in Ethiopia. What a small world!  Can you guess which two guys from the photo below?


Red wine, white wine, and scotch were on the drinks menu this afternoon.

After an hour and a half of fraternizing, the guys were ready for not brunch any more, but lunch at 1:30pm.




With the help of a few of my girlfriends we set the kitchen island for lunch.

Piping hot strata that Oliver made came out of the oven and was placed on our island.

Indian spiced roasted veggies with hard-boiled eggs were ready and arranged on a large platter. With delicious fluffy idlis, coconut chutney, quinoa salad, and chapattis to round out the lunch buffet, our lunch spread was ready for the guys to dig into. All the dishes were scrumptious and a lot of recipes were requested.  I will collect them and post them as they become available.



Time for lunch!






Since this was a brunch in honor of the men in our lives, after lunch the ladies graciously served the guys dessert and coffee.  Carl and Tracy’s flourless chocolate cake with fresh whipped cream was the highlight of the dessert course, accompanied by fresh fruit, and spiced steel-cut oatmeal with dates, raisins and honey.





Aromatic Ethiopia Yirgacheffe coffee is served while the guys relax.


After dessert and coffee we took an awesome group photo of this phenomenal group of men who do so much for their families.



IMG_1086 (1)

After more conversation and laughter, the guys were ready to head home at 3pm.




I want to thank my lady helpers who assisted me in making this afternoon so special for all our fabulous men.


I hope the gentleman had a fun, relaxing and enjoyable time at this Guys Brunch on a Sunday Afternoon.


Happy Father’s Day!

6 thoughts on “Guys Brunch on a Sunday Afternoon”

  1. Wow! All Fathers look happy! And why not? They are all at this great party enjoying good food, good company!

  2. It was a wonderful brunch! So happy to be able to spoil and thank the men in our lives. Was a special day spent with very special friends!

  3. What a wonderful idea, Kalpana. You’re so right – the guys work so hard to provide for their families and this was an excellent way to show how much you appreciate them. Love it!

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