Our New Veggie Patch

We finally got around to building a vegetable patch last year on our hill.  This little hill of ours has amazing views of the surrounding hills and mountains, and tons of sunshine; perfect conditions for growing vegetables.  I asked my gardener to build the veggie patch, told him exactly what I was looking for, and after 3 months of flattening parts of the hill, tilling the soil, trucking in loads of compost and soil, the veggie patch was finally done.  Here are the pictures of our newly built veggie patch.


2 thoughts on “Our New Veggie Patch”

  1. Kalpana Sheth, You have taken Gardening to a whole New level . Your grandfather , Rukku Thatha , was an avid gardener . He would have been so proud of you to watch your Green Thumb converting Soil and Dirt into Works of Art. Vinatha Mami

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