Visit to Dallas, Texas. Twins Meeting Twins

Remember that television show Dallas in the 80s? We were all hooked on that family soap opera, heck the whole country, even the world was hooked on it!  The story of a wealthy oil family in Dallas and all their family drama with adultery, betrayal, bastard sons, and the one rival they are always fighting against. It had beautiful actors and actresses with great outfits and grand Texas scenery, it had everything a great soap opera needs to be successful. Remember that episode Who Shot JR? The whole country eagerly waited to watch that episode, which at that time became the all time most watched television episode ever! But wait, I digress.  That’s not what this post is about. I wanted to tell you about my recent visit to Dallas, the city in Texas – not the show Dallas.

Anjali, Rani, and I went to Dallas for a weekend to visit my brother Kiran and his family.  Let me tell you, Dallas is a very different town from the Bay Area, way different.  Dallas is a town where looking good is important, it’s about socializing, parties of all kinds, it’s about “being there and being seen”.  People are always looking great here and always dressed up in this town. In many ways this is the perfect town for my brother Kiran and his wife Prachi.

IMG_6563 (1)

You see Prachi is a fashion designer and a high-end event planner – a very successful one at that!  Her wedding outfits are of couture caliber and her weddings and parties are written about in magazines. She herself has won many awards for her clothing line. She owns a successful business called Prashe and Prashe Decor, with offices in Dallas and Houston. To showcase Prachi’s talents Kiran and Prachi will occasionally host their own cool out of this world party.

We were in Dallas for the weekend for Kiran and Prachi’s twin girls Virina and Katalina’s 2nd birthday party.  And what a party it was. In grand Prachi style, Kiran and Prachi hosted a carousel themed birthday celebration for their twin girls.  This party was a feast for the eyes it was. I’ve never been to a kid’s party like this before.

Have you ever seen 2-year-old babies not cry at their own birthday party? Well, this was a first for me.  Katalina and Virina were having a grand time at their party.  Not a single tantrum, no crying, no whining, they were just taking in the sights and sounds and hanging out with family members the entire four hours! I’ve never seen babies behave this well at any party.  I couldn’t believe it. But then once y0u meet these little girls, you can understand why they were having a great time.  They are the sweetest little babies ever, they play all the time, they hardly cry, they are the happiest little things and so much fun to be with.


Now let me tell you about the birthday party.  Like I said I’ve never been to a two year old birthday party like this, ever. But then this is Prachi we are talking about, and these are her two little girls’ birthday she was celebrating. She went all out and did an amazing job putting this event together.


Carousel themed, with decorations that will rival any wedding reception, this was a beautiful birthday party.



The decor and decorations were outstanding. A candy and cake bar with sweets so gorgeous that one doesn’t want to eat them.








A cotton candy wall that people can eat cotton candy off – yes, a cotton candy wall.





Cotton Candy Wall All Eaten

A pink dance floor for the little ones to dance on.


Carousel themed games around the room for kids to play with. Ping pong tables, little basketball hoops, small bowling area, and games galore; including a coloring table for the kids to sit and doodle.


Tables and chairs decorated in pink tablecloths and napkins, and each table with a pink carousel filled with pink popcorn. It was just out of this world and loads of fun.


Pink Popcorn



Remember I said Dallas is a party town?  In this town not only do the adults know how to party, but the babies do too. I am not kidding; even little Katalina and Virina were dancing on the dance floor. Not just the twins, but also other toddlers joined in on the dancing, it was the cutest thing to see.





Seriously, this was a high end and sophisticated fun party for both kids and parents alike.  An amazing and memorable party worthy of two beautiful princesses Katalina and Virina. Prachi and Kiran in their usual hospitable style, did an outstanding job hosting this very special event.





While in Dallas we also got to visit my sister-in-law Prachi’s showroom, which is absolutely gorgeous, and a feast for the eyes. This is where she showcases her collections. It’s a beautiful showroom filled with beautiful clothes, accessories, jewelry, and wedding decor. If you are in Dallas stop by Prashe. Here is a link to her web site

Hanging out with the girls

8 thoughts on “Visit to Dallas, Texas. Twins Meeting Twins”

  1. What a glowing tribute from an affectionate Athai ( dolly) to her adorable nieces , Vrina and Catalina . Wonderful description of the Birthday party and even more wonderful photographs of the event . Happy Birthday to Rani and Anjali .

  2. Stunning pictures and Dolly’s excellent narration made me seeing a live show!
    Congratulations, blessings best wishes to both twins! Rani resembles Banu.
    Best wishes to Kiran/Prache for the fantastic arrangements.

  3. How cool is that! Twins meeting twins. All four look adorable!
    Wow! Dallas is a party town, Birthday bash is very inviting! Prachi’s showroom is very beautiful.

    Rani Anjali turning 14! Time flies.
    A very Happy Birthday to both. Wish them all the best.

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