Veggie Planting on Our Hill 2016

Our veggie patch with our raised beds are prepped and ready to be planted with new veggie seedlings.  It’s mid April already and we need to get started soon.  We have been eagerly waiting for the Master Gardener’s Plant Sale this year as we had such great success with the veggie plants we bought from them last year.

The plant fair finally arrived and we headed out bright and early Saturday morning to the Spring Garden Market 2016, to pick up a bunch of new veggie seedlings.


Since we got to the fair early we were able to pick from a large selection of seedlings.  We picked up a bunch of tomato plants including some Heirloom varieties.  We also picked up a few pepper plants.



We even ran into our friends Padmini and her husband Naresh.

A new discovery of mine at this fair was the rummage sale area.  I picked up 2 antique gardening books and a collection of aged terracotta pots. We also got to check out some interesting stalls like birdhouse vendors and multiple plant vendors.Once again we had a wonderful time at this Spring Garden Plant Market!


Time to plant all the veggies seedlings we just bought!

The way I see it you can never provide too much good soil for any plant.  We already prepped it with chicken manure and compost, but I still added a little extra topsoil to give the seedlings a great start.


The seedlings are so tiny that we always wonder, “Will these tiny plants do anything?”


But if last year is any proof, these tiny seedlings do amazing!  This is how well they did last year – Veggie picking with the family

Last year’s crop

I tell you, gardening is really a leap of faith – and a lot of optimism.  Faith that the plants will get bigger and bear fruit, and optimism that if we take care of them and tend to the plants, they won’t let us down.


Despite that the instructions clearly say to plant the seedlings 14 inches apart we cram those seedlings in the raised beds because I think, “The seedlings are so tiny, let’s just pack them in the raised beds.”   While Hitesh and Anjali will read the instructions carefully and tell me to follow them, that it’s there for a reason.

In the end, funny thing is, all the plants do well no matter how you plant them.

I will update you in a few months and let you know how these veggie seedlings are doing.

In the meantime Happy Gardening!

7 thoughts on “Veggie Planting on Our Hill 2016”

  1. Your vegitable garden is very beautiful. I remember your beautiful big Cauliflower which was in your garden last year. And the vegis you gace us had so much flavor! Waiting to get my patch ready. There is so much satisfaction in eating dishes made from vegis from your own garden.

  2. Wow Kalps what a way to celebrate Earth day ( just a few days back) but with you , everyday is earth day it appears – Growing our own vegetables is a great idea – this way you can make sure you don’t use pesticides etc . Going Green never looked so beautiful as this Veggie patch . Hitesh’s idea of planting the seeds observing the distance between seedlings is a good one because you know the expression there must be ” Room to grow . ” on another note , all tiny ideas mushroom into a big philosophy as your blog proves . Love , vinatha aunty

  3. Thanks for spreading the gardening optimism! I can’t wait to see the bounty your veggie garden will bring! I have a vested interest as a past recipient of the bounty…😜

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