25 Days of Recipes, Posts and Stories

It’s November 30th and with the festive holiday season upon us, I thought I would do a take on the 25 Days of Christmas that a few of our TV stations put on every year, where for 25 consecutive days in December a Christmas movie is aired on TV until Christmas day. Except in my version I am publishing a post a day until Christmas day.


Over the past few months I’ve met with a lot of friends and family who have shared a ton of recipes and I have a few of my own to share as well, so I thought what better time than the holiday season to publish what I have compiled. I may even re-publish a few recipes to try over the holidays. There will be some gardening articles, a few cookbook reviews, and even a travel story or two interspersed here and there over the course of the 25 days. I hope you find them interesting and the recipes enticing enough to want to try yourself. Wishing you a fun-filled holiday season with friends, family, great food, and jubilation.

🎄🎄Happy Holidays🎄🎄


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