Cookies, Cookies, Sweet Treats, and More Cookies!

Last week I got a post from one of my blog followers/reader Mackenzie, with a very novel social gathering. Her blog, which is, had sent a request a couple weeks earlier asking her readers to submit their favorite cookie recipes for a cookie party she was hosting which she called a meet and greet party. I assumed she was asking for recipes for a cookie exchange party she was hosting at her home.


Then a couple weeks later I got a new blog post from mackmarie’s web site titled Mingle & Jingle. I was looking forward to seeing this blog post and read all about her cookie party. Instead what I saw really surprised me. All I could think is:  “Dang this gal is ingenious!”  Obviously I was clueless as to what this event was going to be 🤔.

IMG_1246.jpgThis party was an on-line cookie exchange party hosted by Mackenzie! Mackenzie made every single cookie, cake, and hot chocolate recipe that were submitted by her readers, and took the most amazing photos of every treat. She then published an all-encompassing post titled Mingle and Jingle. This post had all these beautifully photographed sweets displayed on lovely platters with links to each and every one of those recipes that was submitted. She then invited all her readers to come to the party. The cookie social was an on-line cookie party! How cool is that?

Once I got to her site and checked out her post, I was impressed. Everything looked delectable and all the treats were presented on Mackenzie’s dining table that was beautifully decorated for the holidays. These treats were ready for her on-line guests to feast on, and they were mouthwatering 😋.  Mackenzie encouraged everyone to socilaize on her Mingle and Jingle page and it got everyone commenting on each other’s recipes and created a venue where bloggers could mingle on her site. This was truly a unique and fun social gathering 😊.

IMG_1248.jpg Where can you get such a cool compilation of treasured family cookie and sweet treat recipes all in one place? In this Mingle and Jingle post you get just that – over ten outstanding family favorite recipes that you can try for yourself.

IMG_1247.jpgStop by Mackenzie’s Mingle & Jingle on-line cookie party and take a look at the cookies on display. Try one, two, three, or more of these wonderful sweet creations over the holiday season.

Happy Holiday Baking!

5 thoughts on “Cookies, Cookies, Sweet Treats, and More Cookies!”

  1. Kalpanasheth, thank you so much for sharing this!!!! It made my day!!! You said just the kindest things. I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart! I’m so glad you enjoyed 🙂

  2. Your post made me hungry for cookies!
    Rose, your baked goods are excellent!
    Will try to get some of these cookies.
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. A cookie party sans calories!! Nice for a change…the cookies do look beautiful and I’m sure scrumptious!! Thanks for sharing! 🍪😋

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