Super Duper Burgers

Are you craving a juicy burger dripping with caramelized onions, sautéed mushrooms, oozing with cheese, with some ketchup and mustard, all topped with lettuce, tomatoes, and pickles? Want to have this divine burger with a side of Parmesan and garlic coated French fries?  All to be quenched with a creamy decadent milkshake?  Want to blow a whole days worth of calories on one meal?  And it all be vegetarian too? Another San Francisco based restaurant expands to Los Gatos. Called Super Duper Burgers this burger chain has a restaurant now on Los Gatos Blvd right next to Philz Coffee.

IMG_7285The burger I am referring to here is their veggie burger, but their veggie burger will satisfy any meat loving burger person. Contrary to what we may think, that just because it’s a veggie burger it’s less caloric, it’s not. But if you are still looking to blow your healthy eating ways for just one scrumptious decadent meal, you have to try this amazingly delicious veggie burger.

IMG_7277It’s the patty that makes this veggie burger so delicious. It’s not chewy or mushy like other veggie patties I have had. Most veggie patties try too hard to make their patties taste like meat, when in fact we just want a good veggie patty that tastes like veggies and grains. I think this patty does that. It tastes like it’s not trying to be something else. It’s a good veggie patty made with veggies, brown rice and whole grains. You can get this veggie burger with whatever toppings you want and it’s served on a bun; but you can also get it in a salad version if you like. You can ask for their spicy sauce which is delicious, you can add caramelized onions and mushrooms, and all the condiments are free. This burger tastes awesome with a side of fries. The fries at Super Duper Burgers are delicious too. Their Parmesan garlic fries are outstanding.

Super Duper Burgers is not like a regular burger restaurant. This is more of a contemporary style set up. It looks like a big modern barn with exposed beams on the ceiling, and raw organic style tables and chairs including bar style seating.

IMG_6982Super Duper Burgers is a perfect place to stop on the way to the movies or after the movies, or just to grab a nice juicy burger for lunch or for a weekend dinner. It’s a fun place to go for a casual, delicious and satisfying meal.

Try Super Duper Burgers for yourself. Stop by any of their Bay Area locations including Los Gatos. Give their veggie burger a try!

Super Duper Burgers

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  1. Kalpana, I LOVE the veggie burgers at Super Duper! You’re exactly right – it’s not trying to taste like meat and we don’t want it to. I like a meat burger once in awhile but I prefer a good, tasty veggie burger. You’ll leave with a lighter wallet because it’s rather expensive but the food quality is really good. Love their shakes and sweet potato fries, too😍

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