Our Neighbor Jim’s Late Summer Bounty of Tomatoes, Eggplants, Peppers & Squash

Over the last month we have received so many deliveries of organic heirloom tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, eggplants, peppers, and squash from our neighbor Jim that I’ve had to consider freezing a few.

Every summer Jim drops off baskets of homegrown vegetables.

Hundreds of heirloom tomatoes, tons of squash, eggplant, and peppers in odd shapes, colors and sizes.  See a pattern in the vegetables?  Very Italian they are – that’s because Jim’s family is from Italy. During one of our conversations he mentioned that he’s even been growing beans from 100-year old seeds that his grandfather brought with him from Italy.

Where Jim grow’s his veggies

Jim’s garden is covered in lemon trees, olive trees, orange trees, peach, apple, and apricot trees, in addition to his veggie patch where he grows a summertime bounty of vegetables.  We get so many tomatoes each year that I wondered what kind of fancy veggie garden he had? Guess what? You won’t believe this. All the hundreds and hundreds of tomatoes and vegetables are grown in pig troughs that Jim converted into veggie raised beds.


Yes! Just a regular old trough for growing veggies

Nothing fancy. He said he drilled holes in the troughs and added a simple drip system so all the veggies got watered evenly, and that’s it.  He swears by his concoction of chicken manure, mushroom compost and one other soil amendment that I don’t recall.  He mixes his concoction into the soil every spring before planting his veggie plants.  Without fail he gets an amazing bounty of summer vegetables every year!!  Sometimes, it’s the simplest way that works the best 🍅🍅🍅.

Here are a few pics of what we have received over the years.
One of many homegrown tomato and veggie deliveries – 2014.
2015 veggie deliveries.
2016 Jim’s shareable veggie bounty.
2017 Veggie Deliveries:

Wondering what’s up with MY veggie garden?

I had a lackluster performance this year. I found out mid-way through the growing season that our sprinkler system in the veggie patch was broken, so the plants didn’t get much water for a few weeks.  When we fixed the sprinklers our tomato plants bounced back but our tomato harvest was not what we expected 😞, and the season is at it’s end now. But the gardener in me will not give up. Gardening is an optimist’s hobby – there is always next year, and now we can focus on planting cool-weather veggies.

Happy gardening everyone. May you grow veggies and fruits as abundant as Jim!

Many Veggies a Day Keeps the Doctor Away. 🍅🍆🌶

8 thoughts on “Our Neighbor Jim’s Late Summer Bounty of Tomatoes, Eggplants, Peppers & Squash”

  1. I’m loving it!! Those veggies look soooo good and yes, what a very generous neighbor Jim is indeed!! Enjoy the bounty!😍😋

    1. Jim is definitely a generous neighbor! Just got another basket of tomaotes and peppers! He said this might me the last delivery I get as they season in almost over. We feel so fortunate to have such a kind neighbor!!

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