Twins Celebrating 17 Birthday Menu

Anyone who tells you how fun it is to have twins, let me tell you speaking from one who has twins, it’s not as fun as it seems. And I should know, I have twins and an older child, and now that my older one is and adult and the twins are teens, I can honestly say that it was easier to deal with a single child than with twin teens.  They can’t agree on anything – and I mean anything! They bicker non-stop. They have their own set of friends with no overlap whatsoever. They have two unique interests and hobbies. They hate that they share a birthday – I mean seriously? I tell them “You are twins! Hello! That’s what twins means, you share a birthday?”  The only saving grace is that they were born 30 minutes apart which means technically they could say they have a unique birthday.  Anyway, why am I ranting about my twins? Yesterday was their birthday and for almost a month now they have been discussing where they want to go for dinner on their birthday and could not agree on a single cuisine or restaurant. Finally as Thursday arrives this week and I am picking them up from school, one of the twins gets a bright idea to go to local restaurant Zona Rosa that the other twin absolutely does not want to got to – and this bright idea comes to Rani the night before for a Friday night reservation. I had to keep my cool, and pointed out to her that it would be hard to get reservations at this tiny Mexican restaurant in Los Gatos for a Friday dinner, and besides the other twin doesn’t want to go there anyway. So this is were we left our conversation with regards to a special birthday dinner for the twins. You know what this mean? It’s on me the Mom to come up with something special and memorable 😉😏.


Kids being kids, you know what they like?  Italian food and pasta! I decided to make dinner at home so that we can all chill out and relax on a Friday night but still have it feel special for a birthday celebration. This is what was on the menu for the twins birthday stay at home dinner – A carb-laden menu that the twins were thrilled to have 😃😋😀.  If you are looking for a feel-good vegetarian menu, give this a try!

Twins Celebrating 17 Stay at Home Birthday Dinner

Caesar Salad. Store bought. All I did is toss and serve.
Indian Masal Buns with Caramelized Onions and Green Chilies
Stuffed pasta shells with baby spinach
Cake from our local Safeway bakery







Happy Saturday Everyone!
Have an awesome weekend 🎂!

9 thoughts on “Twins Celebrating 17 Birthday Menu”

  1. Great job, mom, for putting together such a special stay-at-home birthday dinner celebration! Menu looks good and that cake, beautiful! Also, looking forward to the masala bread recipe – I looove bread!!😋

    Belated happy birthday, Anjali and Rani! Enjoy your 17th year!!❤️

  2. Happy Birthday Anjali and Rani . I am glad the Twins disagree on many matters including the Choice of Restaurants . Identity is very important for every individual more so for Twins specially if they are both Girls … My aunt ‘s twins – One is a boy and the other a Girl … They complement each other rather than compete with each other . The Cake from Safeway … Wow – all dressed up!!! Dolly , i cannot imagine how you brought them up so lovingly and both of them are just too adorable … not meany whiney …

    1. I might also add that Virina and Catalina ( names correct ?) , Kiran’s Twins are lucky because Anjali can pamper Virina and Rani can pamper Catalina …. this way Lot of love to go around …

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