Father’s Day Celebration with an Indian Vegetarian Dinner

Happy Tuesday!
I hope your week started off great!

How was your weekend and Father’s Day? I hope you got to celebrate and appreciate all the Dad’s in your family.  We had a wonderful Father’s Day, at least that’s what Hitesh (Father to my three girls) conveyed to me at the end of the day on Sunday.  Hitesh got to do his chillin and relaxing during the day. I made a veggie omelette for him for brunch with savory scones and fresh fruit. After that we planted some veggie seedlings that I picked up from my friend Veena. Then he and the twins went to downtown Los Gatos to take a stroll while I stayed home to get dinner ready for our Father’s Day dinner gathering with my cousins and their families.



We were surrounded by loving daughters and doting Father’s on this evening – what’s not to like with this picture? I mean look at these girls! Do they look smitten with their Daddy’s or what?  I tell you, there truly is a special bond between Fathers and daughters that is hard to fathom 🤔🤔💙💕.

For this special dinner I planned an Indian vegetarian meal starting off with chickpea flour veggie fritters called bhajias as appetizers. For dinner I and my cousins Meera and Uma all pitched in to make a few veggie and rice dishes. Here is a look at this evening’s menu.

Father’s Day Celebration Indian Vegetarian Dinner Menu:

Bhajias (Indian chickpea flour veggie fritters)
Cheese platter
Champagne & Mixed Berry Julep



Saag Sabjee with Paneer – greens curry with paneer (Me)
Chole – North Indian chickpea curry (Me)
South Indian Mixed Vegetable Korma (Uma)
Vegetable Rice Pilau (me)
Yogurt Rice (Mahesh)
Naan (store bought)

Mango Sorbet with Port for the adults
Fresh cut mango and pineapple
Cookies and Cream ice cream for the kids



Sitting down for a delicious vegetarian meal.



Ending the night with conversation and lots of laughter 😃😃😃.

Wishing all the Dads out there a very Happy Father’s Day again!


Have a great week everybody!

14 thoughts on “Father’s Day Celebration with an Indian Vegetarian Dinner”

  1. Dolly, Hitesh, enjoyed the relaxing evening after a hectic weekend. Bajjis were so awesome. Hardly had any space to do justice to the delicious dinner. 😀 happy summer. Meera

  2. Aw this post so warmed by heart! Happy Fathers day to all in attendance at your beautifully hosted dinner! The smiles tell all 🙂 Thank you for sharing- oh and that menu- absolutely amazing- when is Michelin going to give you that star?! 🙂

  3. Wonderful to see all the Nephews , their spouses and the Kids … Dolly so kind of you to bring all the Near and Dear relatives under one Roof and party …. Ur Dad loves Good Food and i missed seeing him in this Get Together …

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