A Little bit of Sunshine

On day two of staying at home – on Tuesday, which was yesterday our gorgeous Bay Area weather, was back.  As if to remind us that all will be okay 🌞.  Mother nature is on our side.  All that sunshine was beckoning me to get out into my garden and I couldn’t hold back my excitement!  I took care of aphids that were showing up on my rose bushes, pruned flowers that were done blooming, and re-potted a couple of rose cuttings I had made.  Still have more work to do but cloudy skies and rain came back in the afternoon.  It was so awesome though to be outside and enjoy the fresh air!



Let the Sunshine In
By Purcy Flaherty on hellopoetry.com

Let the sunshine in, let the sunshine in;
Open up your hearts and let the sunshine in.

I got a friend in you; you got a friend in me.
Just smile that way each and every day,
fill the world with love and say!

Let the sunshine in, let the sunshine in;
Open up your hearts and let the sunshine in.

Kindness is the key to peace and harmony!
Open up your heart and let the sunshine in.

Let the sunshine in, let the sunshine in;
Open up your hearts and let the sunshine in.


Minestrone Soup to warm our spirits

For lunch yesterday I made a minestrone soup complete with all the vegetables, pasta and white beans.  Accompanied by French bread that I had picked up the day before and an apple it was a filling lunch that the whole family enjoyed.  I made extra so I could serve it the next day with eggs or quiche or something along those lines. The recipe I used is this one which is made with frozen mixed veggies, canned beans and marinara sauce Minestrone Soup.  Hitesh and I also had our cup of black tea with a splash of milk.




Getting in the groove

The family is getting into the groove of working from home and online schooling.  And I’ve found a routine that works with everyone being at home.  I think we are going to go through the next few weeks just fine. Looking forward to the promise of April showers and May Flowers.



Wishing you all a calm and peaceful day ahead. 


7 thoughts on “A Little bit of Sunshine”

  1. Thanks Sunshine! I look forward to read your posts especially during”shelter in Place” order.

  2. Doll Baby , You are the Colorful Rainbow hiding behind that Glowing Sun . While the whole web is full of the Forbidden “C” word leading to Gloom and Despair , it is heartening to Watch those Flowers in Bloom in your Garden and your Heart Warming Soups and Fresh Salads . We have weathered many Storms in the Past e.g. SARS, MERS, EBOLA , SWINE FLU, Zika etc etc , This too shall pass. Meanwhile , we should focus on a Positive Mindset . Everything helps … Painting , Gardening , Trying out new Recipes, Home Decor , Writing and Reading and just listening to Uplifting Music . Staying Alive that is the key .

  3. YOU are my Sunshine!! The positivity in your posts is always an injection of warmth into my system! Thank you for sharing and caring.

    Your lunches sound and look delicious!😋. Lucky Hitesh, Anjali and Rani! Can you please adopt me?😜. I promise I’ll help in the garden!❤️

    1. Thank you Rose from the depth of my heart!! You always make me feel so good and loved.❤️ I am truly blessed to have you as my friend!!! Oh yeah for sure the family is surprised to see all the lunch options being presented 😀, because I’m not so usually so chipper about making lunch 😀. You will definitely have to come over for lunch once we are all back in good shape!! Take care my friend 😘❤️💕

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