Orange Begonias to Brighten the Day

Hello and a good Thursday to you all.  Today I thought I would share a few pics of my orange begonias that are blooming so brightly in my garden.  This one in particular caught my eye as it was shining so beautiful outside my patio door.



The recent rains made the blooms so heavy that they had flopped down so I brought the plant indoors to lift the blooms up a bit.  I used a few bamboo sticks and twine to accomplish this.  While I was doing this some blooms fell off.  These blooms are soooo pretty!  I decided to float them in water and placed them on my coffee table.





This is the other paler orange begonia looking gorgeous as ever


There is something about blue and orange that look so good together.  As I found out both blue and orange are dominant colors that are also considered complimentary, but are associated with opposing concepts, unlike other pairs of complementary colors.  Blue and orange for example convey warmth and cold, earth and sky, land and sea, fire and ice.


Stay well and healthy 🧡💙.

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