Treasure the Unexpected and Turn Off the TV News.

Hello, and a good Monday to you all.  Today I thought I would share some inspirational quotes from fellow blogger Sarah Rajkotwala.  I’ve been following her for some time now as she sends uplifting words in short two to three sentence bursts that always lift my spirits.  Her latest words of wisdom are what I needed right now as we enter week 7 of our Shelter in Place in our area.


Treasure the Unexpected Moments you Get to Spend with Family

❤“The unexpected time we have to spend at home in ‘community isolation’ is a fabulous opportunity to make some happy memories with your family.  Turn an inconvenience into an opportunity to have more fun.  It really is just like one long weekend.”

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change’.  ❤


Stay Close to Your Core of Peace and Love and Turn off the TV News!

Your attention onto what is wrong in the world, could actually make it worse, via the law of attraction. It is a far better use of your time to look at what is right, and compassionate and loving in the world, as you will increase that instead. Sending love and light to everyone and prayers and angels to the world.” ❤


❤“There is much exaggeration of the corona virus in the news media, turn off the news as much as you can and turn the TV over to lighter viewing.


“There are a lot of positivity and kind community acts that have come out of this situation, bringing more love and peace to the world. We will get through this and at the other side, our world will be a more compassionate and loving place. ”   ❤


All quotes from Sarah Rajkotwala Writer and spiritual teacher blog


Have a good week.
Be safe and healthy and take care. 

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