Friday Flowers. The Last of My Freesias for the Season

Good Friday to you all.  Today I would like to share some pictures of the last flush of freesias in my garden.


Glorious freesias

These colorful blooms have been workhorse type of flowers for me blooming nonstop from February all the way till April. 


Three months of nonstop blooms, how can I not be impressed with their performance?  I’ve been getting so many blooms that I’ve given away loads and loads of freesia bouquets.


Purples, plums, pinks, blues, yellows, reds and oranges, these colorful freesias have made the last three months of our rather unusual and  uncertain times bearable.


When the rest of my garden has been relatively dormant freesias have added a pop of color in the early part of the year.  Many times each bulb has had multiple stalks, giving me a staggered bloom cycle. 


I can’t say enough great things about this little bulbs.  Plant these fabulous freesias in pots or in your garden for a stellar display of floral color during the early part of the year to give our gardens a boost of colorful energy.


These are my last freesia bouquets for the season.


Wishing you all a peaceful and relaxing weekend.  Be safe, remain healthy and please take care 💕.


11 thoughts on “Friday Flowers. The Last of My Freesias for the Season”

  1. Those are awesome! The selection of color really works nicely. One of my annoyances with them is that so many incompatible colors are typically mixed together. Maroon and purplish blue are ideal to together, and pink and white lighten them up a bit. In my former garden, yellow and orange without any other colors would have worked well. Right now, I have only white in one spot, and a few red in another. If I could, I would grow more white with blue, but put the red somewhere else.

    1. Thank you! Yes, I agree with your suggestions for pairing colors, I too like to pair white and blues together, I also like to pair reds and yellows together, but honestly, freesias look cheerful no matter how they are planted 😊

      1. Oh, of course. I do not intend to make suggestions anyway. I just notice what looks good in other peoples’ gardens. Even in my own garden, I rely on others to select colors, just because I am not at all proficient with putting them together. White is my favorite color, but does not work for everything.

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