La Fiesta de los Patios de Córdoba. The Festival of the Courtyards of Córdoba 2020

Hello and a good Friday to you all.  How was your week? I hope it was good one and you got some fresh air despite having to work from home and school from home, maybe you even got to venture out a little more?  As some of you may recall couple of weeks ago for Mother’s Day I did a post on an idea for a Mother’s Day flower exchange where my friends and I exchanged flower bouquets made from our own gardens.

This flower exchange was a huge hit with my friends and it seems also a very popular idea among folks across the globe as I got so many likes on this story that my head is still spinning!


One of the comments I received was from an architect in Córdoba, Spain who commented “You have to go to Spain in May, to Córdoba, there is a flower party in the courtyards!”  I replied back that it sounded wonderful, to which she responded with a link to this video  The Festival of the Courtyards in Córdoba, Spain.

If you love flowers and vibrant colors you will love this video!  It’s a virtual tour of the Festival of the Courtyards in Córdoba and it’s a feast for the eyes!










Living in California I could see so many similarities between Spain and here in the weather, the people, the food, the fauna, the gardens and the architecture.  That’s why this festival in Córdoba is so relatable because surely we could try and replicate this idea here too? I mean look at these photos, don’t they look like they are from the same place?

Southern Spain
Southern Spain
Seville, Spain

Many of us who have visited Spain have only the fondest memories of this beautiful country.  We were relatively late to the holiday in Spain party because we only got to visit Spain as recent as last summer, but it was worth the wait!  Spain is just a spectacular place!  The culture, the people, the food, the architecture, everything about Spain is so beautiful that one just wants to go back again and again.

We may not be able to travel just yet but if you want to virtually transport yourself to a land faraway with white washed homes and red tiled roofs and courtyards overspilling with flowers and fauna – here is a video tour that will surely do that.   The Festival of the Courtyards in Córdoba, Spain




Have a good weekend everyone.  Please take care and stay healthy.

7 thoughts on “La Fiesta de los Patios de Córdoba. The Festival of the Courtyards of Córdoba 2020”

  1. Lovely posts. I had a nice tour of this place. Now no need to go there.

    Beautiful pictures.


  2. OMG it is so pretty
    Loved the virtual tour ❤️😍
    We did not have time to stop in Córdoba
    Well will have to go again 😀

    1. I know!! It is a feast for the eyes!! Even we didnt have time to stop in Cordoba, but hoping to go back one day in May this time to see the festival in person 🌹💐🌷🌺!

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