Our First Spring Garden Ladies Lunch

2014 is the first year I hosted a Spring Garden Ladies Lunch in our new home in Los Gatos.  We moved a year earlier but it took me a year to get the garden updated to my liking.  Don’t get me wrong; the garden in this property is what sold me on the home!  It’s beautifully designed. Feels like you are in Italy or in the Mediterranean somewhere. The house is built on a rolling hill so the gardens are divided into “garden rooms” at various levels on the hill.  Typical Mediterranean plants like rosemary, olive trees, ornamental grasses, and palm trees grow in profusion here; transporting you to a different place.  But what makes it quintessential Los Gatos and California is the gigantic oak trees that are on the property.  These trees are huge. And let me not forget the giant redwoods that line the front part of our house along with 9 storey high poplar trees.  I fell in love with this home for the garden. But one thing missing was color.  And I love color.

For me color in the garden means flowers, and lots of them. That’s what I spent a whole year doing – adding color to this already beautiful garden – in the form of flowers. I planted lots of rose bushes, lily bulbs, daylilies, penstemon, dahlias, geraniums, daffodils, iris, freesias; the list goes on and on.

And a year later the garden rewarded me with beautiful colorful flowers. The garden was complete. I was ready to have all my friends over to see the newly enhanced garden. I was going to host a Spring Garden Ladies Lunch.  A lot of my friends hadn’t seen the home after our extensive remodel so this was a great opportunity for everyone to come over and see the home and also the garden.  As usual, it was a potluck lunch with all my friends bringing a variety of salads, savory dishes, and desserts; all delicious of course.  Below are some pictures from this party.

Hanging out with the Ladies

Lunch is Ready

A Stroll In The Garden

Herb Pots For Everyone To Take Home


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