Celebrating My Birthday with My Family

2014 was a big birthday for me; you guessed it, the big 50! To celebrate this milestone my entire family came to California from all corners of America.  All arrived on the day of my birthday to surprise me! My sister Banu and her family flew in from Philadelphia, including her husband Ranjit, and kids Maya and Udai.  My sister Shobha and her husband Jaidev and their two kids Arun and Siddhartha flew in from Michigan.  And my brother Kiran with his twin babies – who were only 6 months old, flew in from Dallas!  My Dad was already staying with us, and somehow Hitesh pulled off a surprise birthday celebration on the day of my birthday!!  He even got my cousins who live here locally to come on that day; and managed to arrange a special birthday dinner in my favorite part of the house – the garden!!  All while keeping it a secret from me – a big accomplishment believe me!  Hitesh cannot keep anything a surprise! Here are pictures from this incredible birthday celebration. Something truly memorable.

A Family Reunion For My Birthday!

Having Dinner in the Garden





Ending The Night with Dessert In The Courtyard

Spent the weekend in San Francisco

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