Ina Garten’s Book Signing

The twins and I are big fans of Ina Garten and her Food Network show Barefoot Contessa.  We love her program; her personality, her home and garden, her recipes, and how she is always cooking delicious meals for her family and friends. In November of 2012 Ina Garten came to town to promote her new cookbook Foolproof.  I thought it would be a great idea to go to her book signing with the kids. I looked into where she was coming and the closest place was going to be 45 minutes away. I really wanted to take Anjali and Rani for this event, but it was a weekday, I wasn’t sure if I wanted them to blow off an entire day of school for this.  But then as luck would have it my friend Rose called me and said there was a cancellation at one of the other book signing locations and they decided to come to Sur la Table in Santana Row instead!!  This was great news because Santana Row is 15 minutes from our home!

So with my friend Rose, the twins and I headed to Surla Table on the day of the book signing. We got there 2 hours before the event start time of 10am.  We were the first 20 people in line. Good thing we got there early because by the time 10am came around the line was a mile long! Surla Table were great hosts, every 15 minutes they were going around offering people drinks, fresh baked brownies and cookies, mini quiches, and coffee.  Time seemed to pass fairly quickly as everyone in line were in groups of friends or family, and were all chatting and having a great time.

Ten o’clock arrives and the doors open!!  Everyone is excited to meet Ina Garten! We were in the store within 20 minutes ready to meet Ina.  Anjali and Rani each had their own copy of her book to get signed.  The Sur la Table reps had told everyone that we could only take pictures in front of the table, and we were not allowed to go behind and stand next to Ina.  They were like guards protecting her from crazy fans. We were fine with that. Anjali and Rani patiently waited for their turn and went up to the table to get their books signed, when Ina and her friend saw the twins they broke into a big smile. I saw them whisper something to the Sur la Table representative, and the next thing I know the twins are being asked to go stand next to Ina to get their books signed and get their pictures taken!  Ina’s friend looks at me and says, “I think they are the youngest fans we have had at a book signing so far, they are so cute, it’s okay for them to come stand next to Ina”. She was very gracious!  They chatted with the twins for a couple of minutes and Ina signed their books. The twins were thrilled as you can see from the photos below!!  And they made it to school by 11:30am!!  A great experience for all of us!







You can find a copy of Ina’s book Foolproof on Amazon  Foolproof by Ina Garten


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  1. No wonder they got to take a picture with Ina! Look at their innocent bright smile! They look adorable!

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