Bert’s Bites Chunky Snack Granola

Bert’s Bites Chunky Snack Granola is a delectable and decadent granola that I discovered recently. I know, somehow the words decadent and granola don’t seem to belong in the same sentence to describe a healthy snack like granola. But that is exactly what this granola is – decadent!  I tried this granola for the first time when we went to Filoli Gardens annual Holiday Traditions Christmas fair in Woodside, California a few weeks ago. This is a holiday fair held at the Filoli Gardens mansion where holiday decor, plants, house wares, and gourmet food items are available for purchase.

As is typical of most guys, I found my husband at the fair in the Filoli Mansion’s dining room where all sorts of foods were being given out at as samples. Here I found him with an arm full of goodies including Filoli Garden’s local honey, some cookies and granola – Bert’s Bites Chunky Snack Granola to be specific. With a big smile he encouraged me to try a sample from the vendor, and I did. What I tried made my mouth sing.

Bert’s Bites Chunky Snack Granola is not any ordinary granola.This granola is just like its namesake – chunky granola! Packed with flavor, dark brown in color and crunchy, I couldn’t stop eating it. What I really liked about this granola is the huge pieces of almonds, clusters of honeyed pecans, huge juicy cranberries, spiced raisins, dried cherries, and walnuts along with toasted oats. This granola packs a whopping amount of flavor in every bite. It really is a fancy granola.


When I have Bert’s granola with Greek yogurt, I feel I am having a decadent dessert rather than a quick breakfast or snack. This granola is so good that we started running low pretty fast and I had to order more from Bert’s Bites web site.  Bert’s Bites Chunky Granola


Bert’s Bites granola is a premium granola with premium prices, but worth every penny. Try it for yourself and see how your regular everyday healthy granola can actually be a cut above the ordinary.


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