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Granville Island, Vancouver. British Columbia, Canada

Granville Island was an artisanal find in Vancouver. We found out about this creative place from our friends John and Lorraine and their kids Meghan and Mathew with whom we had dinner the night before while vacationing in Vancouver this summer. We were talking and casually asked them where we could find artisanal shops, local goods and farmer’s market type of street or area to roam around in and unanimously got the answer Granville Island! It was obvious this was the place to go for our craving for artisanal faire. The girls and I were excited. We love anything farmer’s market oriented, handmade, and local. Granville Island is a gem of place in Vancouver! Continue reading Granville Island, Vancouver. British Columbia, Canada

Visit to a Goat Farm in Pescadero, California

The twins were turning 10, and this was one of those times when I just didn’t want to plan and organize yet another kids birthday party. Those of you who have kids know this, there are countless kid’s birthday parties, and we as parents are trying to make our child’s birthday unique in some way or another. Parents have done every themed party and original idea there is out there to make their child’s birthday special. I was one of those parents who just didn’t want to do that yet again – that is, go out of my mind trying to be creative and original for another birthday celebration.

This was the year when as a Mom I just wanted to take a break from kids birthday parties.  So I asked the twins if they were okay with NOT having a birthday party that year if I promised to make their birthday very special. The twins thought about this and discussed it among themselves and decided to trust me. Now I was on the hook to deliver! But I knew what I had planned for their 10th birthday would not disappoint.


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How to Make Artisanal Soap

In my previous article on Artisanal Soaps  I mentioned that I have a friend Rose M. who makes her own homemade artisanal soaps. To get a better understanding of how these soaps are made I asked Rose to share with me the process of how she makes her soaps. I was blown away at the instructions. It’s not a quick “let’s make soap” type of project.  Making artisanal soaps take time, effort and precision.

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Artisanal Soaps. Aromatherapy in the Shower

Want to feel like you just walked in a field of lavender?  Or went for a hike in a pine forest?  How about a feeling of spiritual sandalwood to bring a sense of calm?  Want to take the ordinary task of bathing and turn it into something extraordinary?  Try using artisanal soaps in the shower. These hand made all-natural soaps will transform any shower into a spa-like experience. Continue reading Artisanal Soaps. Aromatherapy in the Shower

Rani’s Goat Cheese, Apple & Honey on Cracker

Rani is our resident foodie. She loves gourmet foods, and has an adventurous palate. Her favorite thing to do on weekends is to make fun creative appetizers when the regular run of the mill afternoon snacks won’t do. Out of this need for something gourmet, came this amazing little goat cheese appetizer. Continue reading Rani’s Goat Cheese, Apple & Honey on Cracker

A Scenic Drive to Bolinas Lagoon, California

Sometimes you just want to get in the car and go on a drive and enjoy the open-road. You know what I mean?  Especially after a rough week, it’s a great feeling to get away from all the noise and be out in nature. Once in a while I love doing this. Take a drive on a panoramic road where the destination is not something touristy, but rather something more simple; it could be just to check out a farm-stand, or to stop by a special nursery, or in this case, to see a few grey and white seals. Continue reading A Scenic Drive to Bolinas Lagoon, California

Visit to the Kazuri Bead Factory in Nairobi, Kenya

Every time we travel to Kenya to visit Hitesh’s family, I would stop by the Kazuri boutique in Nairobi and pick up a bracelet. I have been buying Kazuri bead jewelry for over two decades now, and even today, when I wear those bracelets I get compliments on them. They are timeless pieces. I bought these clay-fired jewelry for their beauty, but what really drew me to this unique jewelry boutique is their business philosophy. Even before fair trade practices became fashionable, and even before empowering women in developing countries became a trend, Kazuri Beads has been providing gainful employment to single women in Kenya for over 30 years now. Continue reading Visit to the Kazuri Bead Factory in Nairobi, Kenya

Visit to Taza Chocolate in Sommerville, Massachusetts

Love dark chocolate? Ever wonder how that delicious dark chocolate went from bean to bar for our enjoyment? When we visited Boston, Massachusetts back in July, one of the excursions we made outside of the Boston area was to the Taza Chocolate Factory in Sommerville, Massachusetts.


For those of you who read my story on my visit to Hershey’s Chocolate World in Hershey, Pennsylvania; you will find this one to be very different. This is about a small artisanal chocolate company in Sommerville, Massachusetts called Taza Stone Ground Chocolate where we toured their factory and saw the entire chocolate making process from cocoa bean to packaged chocolate bar. Continue reading Visit to Taza Chocolate in Sommerville, Massachusetts