Padmini’s Red Bell Pepper Chutney with Roasted Peanuts

If you like peanut butter and bell peppers like I do, you will love this chutney. The red bell peppers in this chutney give it a nice sweetness, while the roasted peanuts add a nutty fragrance and creamy texture. My friend Padmini made this red bell pepper chutney when my Dad and I went to her place for lunch one day. She served this chutney with some idlis, and it was so unique and delicious that I asked Padmini for the recipe to share and she passed it on. Try this chutney with idlis, zucchini fritters, carrot fritters, black-eyed pea fritters, or you can have it as a dip with fresh veggies and crackers.  Here is the recipe.

Padmini’s Red Bell Pepper Chutney with Roasted Peanuts:


  • 1 large red bell pepper chopped into little pieces
  • 1/2 cup roasted peanuts
  • 1 clove garlic crushed
  • Salt
  • 1 dry red chill if desired
  • 1 tbsp oil


In a saucepan heat oil and sauté garlic, dry red chili, and bell pepper until peppers are tender. Add salt to taste.

In a food processor blend the cooked red peppers with roasted peanuts to form a thick pesto like dip. Taste and adjust for salt.  Chutney is ready.




7 thoughts on “Padmini’s Red Bell Pepper Chutney with Roasted Peanuts”

  1. Looks so yummy! Since it’s easy to make will make it soon. Thanks for posting yet another great recipe.

  2. You never cease to Amaze me Kalpana Sheth … I was just looking for a viable alternative to Tomato Chutney – your friend Padmini’s red Bell Pepper Chutney is the answer- Peppers are low in calories and i love the Tangy taste of Red Bell Peppers – sweet and sharp taste .. This can be used as a Sandwich Spread too because of the Peanuts . We can never get fat eating your well planned meals Dolly because your meals are calorie friendly .

    1. Thank you. glad you are enjoying these recipes! I promise you, you will not go fat eating my food 😀😀. My recipes are all low-caloric, vegetable packed and low-carb. You can eat as much as you want and not put on a pound 😊. At least looking at my family that seems to be true – we are all pretty slim.

      Seriously though, you will enjoy this food and not feel stuffed afterwards and feel great physically and mentally when you cook and eat the recipes I post. It’s all the color in the veggies and spices that makes it fun to cook, it’s like cooking with a piece of colourful garden. Mind you the desserts are our vice 😏, I have yet to make a dessert that is calorie friendly. Thank you again for enjoying my articles, truly appreciate it!

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