A Handful of Herbs by Barbara Segall, Louise Pickford and Rose Hammick

Sometimes you just want a pretty book you can get lost in. A book that is not heavy on writing but gives us just enough information to make us want to read more about the topic, maybe in another in-depth book or article.


 If you are looking for an easy to read, nothing complicated, basic information on herbs, with simple instructions on how to grow them and use them in cooking and indoor decor,  A Handful of Herbs. Inspiring Ideas for Gardening, Cooking and Decorating Your Home with Herbs by Barbara Segall, Louise Pickford and Rose Hammick is the book for you. This is a beautiful book on the most common herbs one can find at any grocery store or at the local nursery.


What makes this an outstanding book in my eyes is the beautiful photography. Glorious photos of herbs in the garden, in terracotta pots, in bouquets, in foods, even in bathtubs – are all so scrumptiously photographed that it’s easy to get lost in the lovely pages 😋.


The photos are absolutely delightful and will evoke a sense of peace and harmony even if you don’t ever plan on growing your own herbs. Some of the images in the book are there just for the pretty factor, but that’s what makes this book a standout fun book to own.




Information on each herb is literally just on one small page. When you consider that that one page includes a photo of the herb, then what you are left with is even less space for information about the herb. But somehow, this minimalist amount of valuable information works just right in this little gem of a book.


With a fun eclectic cooking section, this book has delectable recipes of cocktails, dressings, a handful of main dishes, and a small selection of salads that all incorporate herbs in their recipes.


Don’t expect this to be a cookbook on cooking with herbs, it does not have a large section on cooking with them.  What you do get is a small variety of beautifully photographed recipes that use a wonderful variety of herbs.


There are chapters on how to decorate with herbs, how to use herbs as embellishments, for entertaining, how to incorporate herbs in the garden, and how to use them in craft projects as well.




The chapter on growing herbs provides practical tips on how to grow herbs in pots, in the garden, indoors, and in the larger landscape. This section is easy to read and easy to implement.



If you are looking to own an eye-candy book on herbs and gardening that you will want to pick up again and again and walk away with some tidbit on herbs, this is an outstanding book to add to your home library.


Grab a copy of this beautifully photographed, wonderfully written, gorgeously presented book on herbs and herb gardening and start using fresh herbs from your garden in recipes and in floral arrangements.


You can purchase A Handful of Herbs by Barbara Segall, Louise Pickford and Rose Hammick on Amazon.

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  1. So beautiful! I can almost smell the herbs. Makes me think of the farmers market in southern Spain, that my mom used to tale me to on Saturday mornings, during my summer holidays.

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