Creamy Leeks Pasta

My youngest daughter Rani made a delicious creamy leeks pasta this past weekend for our Thanksgiving dinner that the entire family devoured😋.  What makes this pasta a breeze to cook is the minimal amount of ingredients in it – leeks, butter, pasta, cream, Parmesan cheese, salt and pepper. Outstanding feel good pasta this is. The only modification we made to this awesome recipe is omitting bacon and adding chili flakes to give the dish a little extra heat. Try it!  Here is the link to the recipe Creamy Leeks Pasta on Bon Appetit Magazine.




Turn this pasta into a hearty dinner by pairing it with some roasted vegetables and a salad.


To get an idea of how we created a vegetarian menu for Thanksgiving dinner with creamy leeks pasta as the main dish take a look at this link  A Vegetarian Thanksgiving Dinner.


Creamy Leeks Pasta on Bon Appetit Magazine

Happy Pasta Eating 🍝!

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