A Perfect Weekend

Hello everyone, hope you had a great weekend! Our weekend was the kind that I like – a relaxing one.

On Saturday we went shopping for Indian clothes – Mom (me) and her three daughters shopping for Indian clothes? Fun, fun, fun! We stopped by a home boutique that was like a sari shop, and we spent more than we should have 😀.  

Came home and relaxed a while then started prepping for dinner while the kids got going on their homework. That pretty much sums up our Saturday!

Sunday morning began on a relaxing note with Anjali and I making a trip to the Farmer’s Market. I picked up loads of veggies and fruits – broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, cilantro, daikon, peppers, spinach, ridge gourd, tomatoes, nectarines, plums and even juju berries.


The ridge gourd was something that caught a lot of people’s eye at the Farmer’s Market. People were wondering if it was a giant cucumber 🤔 😀. This ridge gourd was over 2 feet long!


Sunday afternoon was wonderful with a visit from one of my dearest friends, Radhika. Since all my girls were home I decided to make a special tea spread that all of us could enjoy.  


Cheese and crackers, fresh figs, fresh fruit, spiced cucumbers, and Indian fritters all served on pretty platters and girly plates – what’s more perfect for a girl’s afternoon tea 😀☕️💐 ?


Radhika came bearing gifts! It felt like Christmas in September 🎄🎁!!  The presents were Mother’s Day and Birthday gifts all combined into one grand presentation!

I do so love presents all beautifully wrapped! Rich gold wrapping paper with opulent burgundy ribbon all embellished with dark purple dahlia flower – GORGEOUS! I didn’t want to open anything. I want to enjoy the presentation a day or two longer. Who cares what’s inside, they are just so pretty 😀.

My daughter in her ultimate wisdom wanted to bring her friend’s dog Simba over to our place for a couple of hours on this Sunday afternoon. A relaxing Sunday turned into a not-so relaxing afternoon for her.  It was a lot of fun to have a big fluffy dog hanging around the house but a lot of work as well.


Shopping, Farmer’s Market, Tea, Presents, and a big cuddly dog – All in all it was a perfect weekend!

I have a quiet week ahead, so I’ll be cleaning the garage once again, doing some gardening, and cooking with all my Farmer’s Market produce. The week has started off with temperatures in the cool 70s and clear blue skies – just perfect!


Have a great week everyone! ❤️

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