March in the Garden 2019. The Month of Freesias

March in the Bay Area has given us a preview of spring. We had lots and lots of rain followed by sunny days with warm temperatures in the 60s and even 70s, followed by more rain, and sunny days, followed by more rain and sunny days – you get the pattern.  The warm sunny temperatures brought out heavy pollen days with a few of us suffering miserably with allergies, but the rain following washed the pollen away and gave us some welcome relief, which is when I would walk around my garden to see what’s happening.  I apologize in advance if all my eyes caught were colorful blooms, I am a sucker for glorious colorful flowers. Lets just say that despite there being lots and lots of plants in full bloom and all looking gorgeous what stole my heart are these beautiful freesias.


My freesias this year have been putting on a nonstop stellar show in March. Blooming in a riot of rainbow of colors in violet, blue, orange, pink, purple, white and red – these spectacular freesias have been blooming all month long. I cut hundreds and hundreds of flowers and I still had hundreds waiting to bloom. Just amazing! I must have made about 30 freesia bouquets to pass on to teachers, neighbors and friends.I hope you like freesias because this post is dedicated entirely to the fabulous freesia!


Here is a look at freesias in my garden.

March 3rd.  After days and days of rain I finally got to walk in the garden and to my delight saw lots of red freesias already in full bloom.

March 5th. My sister and neice visited from Philadelphia and though it rained nonstop when they were here, we had a day of respite when I took them up to my veggie patch to show my sister the raised beds with another bounty of freesias blooming in a rainbow of colors.

March 11th.  More freesias started to open their buds.

Had time to cut a bounty of blossoms.

Made the first few bouquets for myself 💐😊.

March 16th. More freesia buds starting to open.

March 18th.  I cut, cut, and cut over 100 blooms for bouquets to give to teachers and friends. Here is a look at freesia bouquets in all shapes and sizes.




March 22nd.  Went up the hill after a few more days of rain to see what new freesias were blooming and was received with a new flush of blooms!

Took a few closeup shots of these gorgeous flowers.

Sunday, March 24th.  Went to pick more freesias. Got a nice big bounty on this trip!  Don’t these blooms look like a rainbow in a basket!!💐 Forgot to take pictures of the bouquets I made with this bounty of blooms though.




Wednesday. March 27th.  Cut more freesias from my pool area which has blooms mostly in shades of yellow, purple and a few red.

Made a couple more bouquets to pass on to folks and a little one for me.




March 30th. I can honestly say freesias are still blooming and will still be blooming for a few more weeks. I expect at least two more bounties of flowers! Dare I say it, I am ready to take a break from these blooms. Anyone want freesias????  😀😍💐

  Happy Saturday Everyone!
Hope you had a marvelous March! 🌿
Looking forward to an awesome April! 🌹🌷🌸🌺



16 thoughts on “March in the Garden 2019. The Month of Freesias”

  1. Sis, thanks for the sweet note cards!! So thoughtful of you and, of course, the freesias arrangement – so gorgeous!! Yes, my house is brimming with flowers right now!🤗😁☺️💐🌷🌹🌸🌼

  2. What a lovely lovely surprise!!! I’ve been feeling so run down lately. A lot on my mind. Kids so busy. Seeing the flowers brightened my day!!! Thank you for always thinking of me. I wish I could do more in return. Thank you really for the flowers. 💕💕

    The photos are Absolutely stunning! They are really so so pretty. Love the colors! Doesn’t spring just make you happy! Enjoy your day as well and thanks for sending the pictures. Love them.


  3. Dear Kalpana, Thank you for dropping off the beautiful bouquet of freesias from your garden.
    Will call you tomorrow since I don’t have much voice.
    Thanks again and much appreciate your thoughtfulness!
    ❤️ Devi

  4. Ms. Sheth,

    It was such a nice surprise and so thoughtful of you to share such a wonderful touch of spring. Your flowers are beautiful, and the freesia scent is amazing! Thank you for your kindness – it brightened my day and my classroom! 😊

    Katy Rees
    Upper School History Teacher
    The Harker School

  5. Dear Kalpana,
    Thank you so much for sending the gorgeous freesias from your garden. They truly look like spring and brightened up my day.
    I hope you have a wonderful weekend.
    All the best,
    Kate Schafer
    High School Biology
    Harker School

  6. Dear Anjali –

    You are a delight to have as a student. Your warmth and goodwill are enjoyed by everyone, and your engagement in the learning arena makes teaching fun. The following quote brings to mind your dedication to developing into a sophisticated thinker and efficient problem-solver:

    “A garden requires patient labor and attention. Plants do not grow merely to satisfy ambitions or to fulfill good intentions. They thrive because someone expended effort on them” (Liberty Hyde Bailey). Thank you, Anjali, for believing that there is value in going beyond what is sufficient!

    Moreover, thank you for the beautiful freesia that you shared with me last week. They made my day in ways beyond explanation. I am grateful.

    Sincerely –

    Dr. Muldrew

  7. Freesias have gotten significantly brighter than the pastels that we grew in 1986. Back then, there was no bright purple, and blue was still just sky blue. We knew them as ‘fruit loops’ because that is what they smell like. The fragrance can be overwhelming in abundance. We sometimes filled large walk in refrigerators half way with them. That was too much of a good thing! Some of the lilies were about as bad.

  8. Beautiful Blooms.
    Arrangement is beautiful. Thanks for the blooms.
    Nice fragrance too.

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