June in the Garden

June has been a crazy roller coaster of weather for us here in the Bay Area. We had temperatures in the 90s and 100s and I think we even broke a few records with temps up to 105!  Then the temperatures went back down to our pleasant 70s and 80s. Basically we were all over the place weather wise in June. Despite these fluctuations in temps the garden faired really well.


In June my lilies and daylilies were the stars of the garden.  I’ve always loved lilies but this year I have new appreciation for daylilies.  Daylilies were looking especially gorgeous this year with each bush pumping out a large number of blooms. Here is a look at what’s blooming in my June garden.









Lillie’s and lily bouquets

Gladiolas looking stately as ever.




This year I am also appreciating the beauty of grasses in the garden. They add such a whimsy and wild character to the landscape that is refreshing.



Hydrangeas starting to bloom


Apples ready to ripen


Fuchsias still going strong dripping with beautiful teardrop flowers.



Hope you had wonderful June.
Looking forward to an awesome July!


7 thoughts on “June in the Garden”

  1. Daylilies are somewhat easy to grow. I do not like them for public landscapes because they need a bit more grooming than some other perennials, but we have a few at work that are worth the effort. I still prefer to groom them and get out of the way while no one is around, but it can be done as long as we do not grow too many of them. There are a few that will need to be dug and removed tomorrow because they are in a construction site. Even though this is not the right time to move them, I am confident that they will recover for next year.

    1. I agree with you, the charm of daylillies is gone when planted in large swaths in public landscape and even in my modest garden I do see that they need trimming and grooming. But they do provide welcome color in the peek of summer.

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