Mid-September Dinner with Friends Jo and Oliver

Happy Tuesday!  I hope you had a good weekend. Ours was busy, not busy – meaning we had a packed Saturday and a quiet Sunday.

Packed Saturday because it was our twins back to school day and Hitesh and I had to split our parental duties so we could meet over fourteen teachers. These are amazing teachers who are teaching the subjects that our twins are taking this year. Subjects ranging from Economics, Statistics, Calculus, Spanish, History of Genocide, Madness in Literature, Poetry in Literature, Orchestra, Choir, Dance Productions, etc.  As you can imagine it was a packed agenda!

Then after we got home Hitesh had to take the twins back to school for auditions. I didn’t realize all this when I invited our very good friends Jo and Oliver for dinner that evening.  Lucky for me our friend Oliver loves to cook and had asked me earlier in the week if he could bring something and I took him up on his offer!


I  asked Oliver to practically bring the entire dinner 😀.  He brought a main chicken dish with accompanying rice, plus dessert. And then Hitesh asked him if he would make his signature Persian eggplant dip – to which Oliver responded, “So basically I’m making appetizer, main course and dessert? Why am I coming over to your place? You might as well come over to my house 🤔”   Honestly though, Oliver and Jo are our very good friends and I didn’t feel bad at all having Oliver bring all these items.  Besides I knew Oliver secretly enjoyed making them because otherwise when would he get a chance to make all these wonderful dishes all at once for just him and Jo?

Fun evening with conversation and laughter

Our mid-September dinner was a fun and relaxing with. Topics as usual were varied and interesting.  We talked about the history of the Silk Road, which historically is the route explorers and traders went on to bring goods such as spices, silks, pottery, and even indigo ink from the Far East.  Guess what was being taken back from the West? Guns and ammunitions 😔.


What is Quince?

Here the discussion was around exotic fruits and how we are only aware of a fraction of all the fruits that are available worldwide. Do you know what fruit Buddha’s Hand is or dragon fruit or chicu, or here in the U, S. – what quince is?  Sri guessed that Quince was a berry to which Oliver laughed heartily 😁😀.  He looked up a photo of quince to show Sri and quince actually looks like an apple!

Appetizers and Wine to start off the evening

Starting off the evening with a cheese platter and my homemade fig jam! Along with samosas, and Oliver’s eggplant dip and crackers.


Plenty of laughter around the kitchen island


Getting ready for dinner 🍜🥘🥗.

A scrumptious dinner at the table 😋


Ending the evening with dessert and coffee


Here is a look at our mid-September Dinner Menu:

Cheese platter with homemade fig jam – Me
Samosas – Me
Eggplant dip – Oliver

Roasted Cauliflower Salad – Me
Fesenjan – Persian chicken stew with pomegranate walnut sauce – Oliver
with Persian Rice – Oliver
Chanterelle Wild Mushroom and Leek Pasta – Me

Dark chocolate torte – Oliver
Berries and whipped cream – Me

A relaxing evening spent with dear friends and delicious food.  

Have a great week ahead everybody! 


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