Friday Flowers. Fall Flush of Roses

Happy Friday!

Today I would like to share some pictures of a few little bouquets I made as I was pruning bushes in my garden this week.


IMG_5136 2

On a side note in the garden, my dahlias are all done for the season except for this purple bush which is the only one that is still pumping out blooms.


But my roses on the other hand are loving the cool fall weather and have been blooming non stop. I’m not getting a profusion of flowers like I do in spring and summer but I am still getting lovely roses here and there, more than enough to make a couple of little bouquets.





And now let me share a few more pictures of bouquets made with fall blooming roses and flowers from my garden.




This vibrant bouquet of sunset colored roses I made for a dinner our family had with a couple of friends this past weekend.


And lastly this little bouquet is on my end table in our family room. Made with deeply fragrant English rose Wisley and hybrid tea rose Heirloom, this little arrangement perfumes the air whenever I sit on the couch right next to it.



Have a relaxing weekend everyone.


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    1. Yes some of the pictures are hybrid teas and floribundas – dark orange one is Lasting Peace, the pale orange with lots of buds is Royal Sunset, and a couple others that I dont know the names.

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