Pre-Diwali Dinner at Kamal and Nishma’s

Happy Tuesday!  Hope you had a good weekend.  We had a relatively quiet weekend. Saturday was a tad busy but Sunday was a low-key relaxing day. Saturday I took care of a few errands during the day and then started making dessert for my friend Nishma’s Pre-Diwali dinner on Saturday night. She had asked me to bring my apple crumble for the party and since I had loads of garden apples given to me by one of my friends I had a chance to use them in this dessert. I made it this time with hazelnut meal and oats.  Folks seemed to like it a lot so I will post this recipe soon.

Now back to my dear friend Nishma’s party. Diwali isn’t till the end of the month so all her friends were wondering why is she having her Diwali celebration so early?  Nishma had a very good reason. She is heading to India to celebrate Diwali with her parents.  It seems she has not celebrated Diwali with her parents since she got married 30 years ago! This is a big deal folks!  Nishma will be spending Diwali with her parents after three decades, which is the equivalent of spending Christmas with your parents after thirty years!  She is so thrilled to be going to India for this very special occasion and her parents are beyond ecstatic. This is the reason we had a Pre-Diwali dinner so early.   It was a fun evening with lots of conversation, laughter and colorful sarees. Here is a look at a few pics from our pre-Diwali dinner at Nishma and Kamal’s.

Nishma and family

Ladies in their colorful sarees

Kids and their friends



Lots of smiles to go around

Dinner is ready 😋




A fun evening was had by all 😀.

Have a wonderful week everybody!

9 thoughts on “Pre-Diwali Dinner at Kamal and Nishma’s”

  1. Diwali is the time for family and friends to come together, and celebrate the wonderful festival with all their loved ones. Great food and company makes it special. Thanks Kalpana for blogging it! And the amazing Apple crumble. Happy Diwali! 🍨 🕯 💥


    1. thank you for a lovely evening. We all had a great time and as you can see the kids just didnt want to leave! You were looking beautiful in the teal sari I loved it! I am so happy everyone liked the apple crisp. I used the apples that Devi gave me from her garden. Hitesh was bummed to miss the dinner but It is understandable. We will miss you at our Diwali party! Especially me!!! Thank you again. Happy Diwali!!

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