Friday Fall Leaves

Today I would like to share these photos I took of our poplar and maple trees. I feel like this fall our trees are especially vibrant yellow in color, maybe they were this bright and gorgeous last year too, but somehow they just seem even more beautiful this year especially with the backdrop of crisp blue skies.  In fact, I feel the camera didn’t do justice to how stunning these trees are looking right now. Happy Friday to you all!








Have a great weekend everyone!


7 thoughts on “Friday Fall Leaves”

  1. The maples are still going, or at least they were when you posted this. With all the rain, they might be dropping all those colorful leaves by now. They can get so much more colorful than the clear yellow of the poplars. Those poplars look great for being up on the ridge like that, although I know they get watered along with the rest of the landscape. The native cottonwoods (poplars) here are in low swampy areas. They do not color as well, but are pretty nonetheless.

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