Squash Three Ways

It’s autumn and you know what that means? Lots of squash at the markets.  What’s fall in America without squashes?  

All sorts of squashes abound this season,

They get used as decorations and in foods, and as many varieties as squashes are harvested, there are that many squash recipes out there.  In fact, so many types of squash are available at the farmer’s market that it’s sometimes hard to figure what to get for what dish.  In my weekly farm box last week I actually got three types of squash – delicata squash, spaghetti squash and butternut squash.


Let me start off by mentioning that as much as I do love squash and how fabulous it tastes, I am the worst at cutting these tough vegetables!

The skins on these guys are so tough that I’m positively afraid I’m going to cut my fingers off trying to cut them!  So what did I do this time with all these squashes? I asked my friend Iya to stop by and help me!


Iya has been making squash all season long and has been cutting these tough veggies for herself so she offered to stop by and cut a few for me.  Here is a look at how these squashs got cut for a variety of dishes.


Butternut squash

For the butternut squash Iya peeled the tough skin, scooped out the seeds, and then cut the squash into chunks to use in a butternut squash soup.  The flavor of butternut squash is sweet and creamy.


Delicata squash

The delicata squash Iya cut into thick slices so I could roast with olive oil. The flesh becomes nice and soft and the skin all crispy when these beauties are roasted! Positively our favorite squash dish this season!  The flavor is like a soft sweet potato with a crispy edge.


Spaghetti squash

The spaghetti squash Iya cut in half and left the skin on. She recommended I bake it with the skin and then scoop the flesh out to use as a spaghetti type of dish with marinara sauce.  The flavor of this quash is almost non-existent, it kind of takes on whatever flavor you add to it.

Squash three ways

So there you go – squash three ways – in a soup, roasted and as a main dish.  Recipes below.

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