Friday Flowers. January rose here and there.

Happy Friday!

In the garden this week I did some winter pruning of rose bushes, daylilies,  scented geraniums, lantanas, and astromeria.  I really gave a hard prune to my rose bushes this year.  Last year I went lighter on cutting them back but this year I’m being a little more aggressive.

It’s a little scary to see all these plants so bare and cut down. It’s hard to believe that all these bushes get big and leafy with loads of flowers in just 3 months.  Every year I freak out that they won’t bounce back and that maybe I cut them too much.  And every year they come back like gangbusters in the spring! Especially the rose bushes!




I did find a rose or two blooming here and there and brought them in to enjoy in a couple of little bouquets.







That was pretty much it for my gardening this week.

Have a great weekend everyone!



6 thoughts on “Friday Flowers. January rose here and there.”

  1. The main problem I encounter with clients’ roses is that they do not get pruned aggressively enough. Yours look about right. I prune mine more aggressively, but that is actually excessive.

  2. Love all your flowers & garden. Such vibrant & happy colors. To have a garden is like having good & loyal friend.

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