Impromptu Weekday Lunch at Padmini’s

Happy Tuesday!

How was your weekend? I hope it was relaxing and you are ready for the week ahead. Getting together with girlfriends who work is hard no matter what the day, be it a weekday or a weekend. You know how it is, during the week the most they can squeeze is an hour lunch and that includes driving to and from the restaurant, and on the weekends they are catching up on errands for the rest of the upcoming week.  Which means a leisurely lunch is almost always out of the question.

My friend Pallavi is one such example. Pallavi and I have been exchanging texts and phone calls for almost a month now to try and meet up.  But as she works her lunches are quick and since her daughter is getting married this summer, her weekends are busy with wedding planning. As you can see, getting together with Pallavi was proving very hard. 

That’s why when I got a text from Pallavi last week asking if we could meet at a Sushi place close by her home for a quick lunch, I said YES right away.  Our mutual friend Padmini was also invited and the three of us planned a “lets catch up” type of lunch.  But I did wonder what the three of us could eat at a sushi place since we are all vegetarians 🤔🤔🤔?    But no matter, because Padmini extended an impromptu lunch invitation at her place instead.  A lovely invitation that both Pallavi and I accepted!

Impromptu lunch with good friends

On Padmini’s lunch menu were a variety of fresh and delicious array of foods.  A sweet and savory salad, a mildly spiced main course, a veggie side dish, and a healthy dessert that I took.  A delicious lunch menu that was so good that I look forward to replicating it at home soon! Here is a look at our impromptu weekday lunch.

On the Menu
Beet and orange salad
Kothu parata – Leavened Chapatis tossed with spicy bell peppers
Cauliflower curry
Yogurt raita
Bircher muesli with berries and nuts

Beet and orange salad.

Beet and orange salad was beautiful to look at and delicious too.  With just a simple balsamic vinaigrette, this salad is a great recipe for anyone who likes beets. Recipe to come.

Chapatis with spicy bell peppers plus cauliflower curry and yogurt raita.

I’ve never had a chapati curry before until now.  Called Kothu paratta, its a special South Indian dish made with leavened chapatis that are cut into small pieces and tossed with  spices and vegetables. Think tortillas chopped up and then added to a spicy tomato and bell pepper saute.  It was so delicious! Accompanied by yogurt raita and an awesome cauliflower curry, I could have gone on eating but had to stop myself 😋.  I especially loved her cauliflower dish and got the recipe so I could make it for my special weekend dinner. Recipe to come!

Dessert of Bircher muesli with berries and nuts.

For dessert I took my new favorite dessert which is a Bircher muesli topped with fresh berries and crushed pistachios. I try to have a batch in the fridge at all times. Creamy, sweet and healthy, Bircher muesli is always a hit.




Freesias for friends

As my freesias have started blooming I took a couple of freesia bouquets for Pallavi and Padmini as well.




A menu worth replicating.

For a simple and scrumptious lunch packed with fresh flavors, spicy veggies and a deliciously healthy dessert, give this awesome menu a try!

Have a fabulous week!

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