Introducing Simba Saturdays

Hello! How are you doing? Tired? Trying to stay positive? We all need a smile these days right? Are you ready to smile and start your day off on a happy note? This series is sure to do that.

Who is Simba? What is Simba?

Simba is my eldest daughter’s BF’s adorable dog whom we’ve gotten to know over the last couple of years. Anyone, and I mean anyone who sees Simba automatically smiles 😀. I hope he does the same for you too 😊.

Simba Saturdays

For a long time now my daughter has been sending m me funny pics of Simba doing the silliest things in his normal daily life, knowing that either I will get a good laugh or they will make me smile. Look at these pics, don’t they make you smile 😃😊?

I thought if Simba makes me smile, maybe they’ll do the same for you? You may not have a dog or maybe you do, no matter, seeing the antics of Simba will surely bring a smile to anyone. Enjoy the inaugural Simba Saturday video. Give me some feedback! What do you think?

Guess who’s joined the blog!!! Simba! Enjoy this video. He won’t stop raising his eyebrows and it’s the funniest thing!

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Have a good weekend everyone!

14 thoughts on “Introducing Simba Saturdays”

  1. Such a cutie! Is Simba a goldendoodle? Love his caramel color 🐶. Yes, it’s a good thing to post pix and vids that make us smile. 🥰

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