Diwali Twenty Twenty with The Family

Oh what a year! Lockdowns, quarantines, bubbles, not seeing anyone, stay away from people! This pandemic has us all in a tizzy. How do we celebrate big milestones without seeing each other? It’s tough! Imagine our dilemma when we wanted to introduce our daughter’s boyfriend’s parents to our family for Diwali.

Two bubbles meet over Diwali

We had two bubbles the entire year – one for our family and one for BF’s family, to be safe and keep track of who we are seeing. Now we were going to combine the two? Oh the anxiety! But we had a solution – we would met outside in the garden and celebrated Diwali in style and not let the pandemic steal this special moment. We were going to have a good time and you know what? The two families who had never met before had a great time – in fact it was awesome! Here is a look at our 2020 Diwali with the family.

A toast to our newly formed extended family 🥂

Let’s get the party started!

Appetizers and food brought by cousins Uma and Meera and entrees made by me to start the evening.

Let’s eat

Family pics ❤️

Photos with cousins and Grandpa 🥰

Campfire hangout

It was getting cold! We had to get a fire if we were going to stay outside the rest of the evening.

Diwali sparklers!

A phenomenal introduction to two families ❤️❤️

We couldn’t have asked for a better way to introduce our two families. Given the current situation, I’d say this was a phenomenal Diwali party with the family ❤️. It was a huge success and better than we ever expected.

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