Happy Lunar New year! The Year of the Ox 2021

I know there aren’t any Lunar New Year parades or celebrations to go to this year but that doesn’t mean it can’t be festive. Making homemade dumplings with the family is one sure way of enjoying time together while celebrating Lunar New Year which is the Year of the Ox in 2021. Here are a few tried out Asian inspired recipes that will surely make Lunar New Year fun at home. Given them a try!

Make at home dumpling recipes

Folks, making dumplings at home is one of the most fun cooking projects to do with the family. As you will see in the photos below my kids were actually bonding over making these pot stickers and dumplings 😃🥰😍!

Homemade Fortune Cookies for a Lunar New Year Menu!!

One time we made a complete Lunar New Year inspired menu and we even had homemade fortune cookies! The kids came up with fun fortunes to bake inside the fortune cookies and what a blast we had opening them after dinner!!!

The menu was all vegetarian and we even made hot and sour soup!

Lunar New Year Vegetarian Menu

Hot and sour soup
Kale and snow pea wontons
Tofu and shitake dumplings
Cabbage and pepper noodle stir fry
Homemade Fortune Cookies

Easy noodle recipes

If you are a fan of noodles check out these easy to make delicious noodle recipes.

Happy Lunar New Year!
Have a good weekend everyone!

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