Greenwell Coffee Farm. Big Island, Hawaii

Happy Thursday! I hope your week is going well. If your’e a morning coffee lover, ever wonder how the coffee you drink gets from farm to table? Here on the Big Island of Hawaii, Kona coffee farms show you how the fruit are picked, harvested, shelled, washed, dried and roasted. Greenwell farms is one such coffee plantation we visited.

Greenwell Kona Peaberry Coffee Farms on the Kona Coast

Our guide showing us the coffee peaberry fruit

Coffee fruit getting shelled, sorted, and dried in the sun before getting roasted in giant roasters on the farm

The farm even has guava and mango trees!

Coffee seedlings and cuttings in the greenhouse

Did you know that coffee seedlings are grafted onto stronger coffee rootstock such as East African coffee plants.

To diversify, the farm is cultivating vanilla beans and black pepper corns too

Greenwell Farms is a beautiful coffee farm on the Kona Coast on the Big Island of Hawaii. For a fun detour from lounging on the beach head to a coffee farm to see how coffee is harvested and sent all around the world. An added bonus is that you can buy the Kona coffee beans after the tour! And folks these beans are outstanding!

Greenwell Kona Coffee Farms. Big Island , Hawaii

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  1. So fun, Kalpana! I did a similar coffee tour a few years back and thoroughly enjoyed the experience as well. So fascinating and the fact that you can take home beans you’ve helped roast is a bonus!😀👍🏽

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