A North Indian Vegetarian Feast at Pallavi & Parag’s

Our family was invited to friends Pallavi and Parag’s home for dinner one weekend and what a feast we were treated to. I haven’t had a North Indian dinner like this in a very long time. So many varieties of vegetarian dishes all prepared at home by Pallavi and her Mom were a feast for the senses.


North Indian fare that is different from what I am used to cooking was a lovely change from my usual cuisine. Everything looked colourful and tasted amazing. We had over ten vegetarian dishes all prepared by Pallavi and her Mom, Sarla Aunty.  Dinner was just scrumptious and a spread worthy of the Rajas (Kings) of India.



Here is a look at the assortment of vegetarian dishes, all beautifully presented and seasoned to perfection.

Aloo Gobi – Potato Cauliflower Curry.


Mattar Paneer – Peas and Paneer.


Purple Cabbage Sauté


Raw Jack Fruit Curry


Peppers, Turnips, and Purple Potatoes Cooked in Spices


Other dishes on the plate included rajma – kidney beans cooked in spices, raita – yogurt side dish, white rice, puri, and chapatis.


This was a fun dinner with dear friends.  Kids, adults, Grandpas and Grandmas of all ages were having a good time at this dinner gathering 😀.


I asked Pallavi for recipes of my three favorite dishes. I will post recipes for Mattar Paneer – Green Peas & Paneer, Purple Cabbage Sauté, and Purple Potatoes, Turnips and Peppers cooked in spices.

Thank you Parag, Pallavi and Sarla Aunty for hosting a fabulous dinner with wonderful company.




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