There’s Farmers Markets and There’s Farmers Markets

Oh how I love going to the Farmer’s Market. We are so fortunate in our area to have so many farmer’s markets to choose from all over town and throughout the year. Lately I’ve been going to a farmer’s market that recently popped up in one of our local Oakridge mall parking lots. I found out about this farmer’s market from my friend Padmini.  She and many of our friends used to frequent a farmer’s market every Sunday years ago at an old Mervyns department store parking lot, way before farmer’s markets became so trendy as they are now.  Then a day came when this old farmer’s market got kicked out by developers who converted the Mervyns parking lot into a strip mall, and we all started looking for alternative farmer’s markets. We found other farmer’s markets around town to shop at, but we sure missed our old one 😞.



Our old farmer’s market was special – they had so many stalls that sold Asian, Mexican and out of the ordinary fruits and vegetables  – things we rarely see at other farmer’s markets. Produce such as juju berries, Chinese greens, ridge gourds, bitter gourds, coyote squash, guavas, raw peanuts, roasted peanuts, persimmons and so much more.

Then recently I found out from Padmini that all the farm vendors who used to come to the old Mervyns parking lot have got permits now to sell at a local mall parking lot. I was so thrilled!  I stopped by to check it out a couple weekends ago and even recognized the stalls! There were lots of vegetables and fruits all extremely reasonably priced. This is what I missed at other farmer’s markets – veggies and fruits reasonably priced.  Most farmer’s markets have half the market dedicated to readymade food stalls, condiments, and other items such as plants and arts, and their produce are pricey  – me on the other hand, I just want to buy a wide variety of fruits and veggies at affordable prices.

This old/new farmer’s market has tons of exotic vegetables and fruits in addition to juicy dried fruits. Of course they also carry our tried and true veggies and fruits such as cauliflowers, broccoli, cabbage, apples, oranges, pears, and much more.


The best part of this market? You can taste everything! Literally every fruit, dried fruit, nuts, orange juice, anything and everything can be sampled. I am so happy these old farm vendors are back at this new location!

On a Sunday this autumn I came home with a bounty of vegetables and fruits from my favored farmer’s market. Produces such as cabbages, leeks, kale, Thai basil, peanuts, juju berries, apples, peppers, tomatoes, spinach, salad greens, onions, ridge gourds, bread, and even a pecan pie!

As with every trip I make to the farmer’s market, I get the urge the moment I come home to cook something right away with what I bought. On this afternoon I made a frittata with Thai basil, leeks and kale. Yum!


I do love all farmers market in our area!!  If I am in the mood for some fun perusing of not just veggies and fruits but some plant stalls, food stalls, and art stalls, there are plenty of farmer’s markets that satisfy that shopping experience. On the other hand, if I am on a mission to buy veggies and fruits at affordable prices for the upcoming week – this little old/new farmer’s market suits me just fine 😊🍎🍊🍒🍆🌶🍓.

Happy Farmer’s Market Shopping!🍎🍅🍆🌶🍇

9 thoughts on “There’s Farmers Markets and There’s Farmers Markets”

    1. I was at this Farmer’s Market again this past Sunday and they had so many fruits and vegetables it was soooo good to see that and a lot more people shopping here too!.

      BTW, they said the market will be closed for the holidays from Thanksgiving to New Year’s. They reopen in January.

  1. Farmer’s markets are so common nowadays. They were so rare in the 80s. The Farmers Market of San Luis Obispo has been around for decades, and was one of the only ones around back in the 80’s. Now, most towns of any significant population have one of their own.

    1. Farmer’s markets have definitely become more popular now, which is a good thing, but I find this to be true mostly in areas like California becaues I dont see this trend in states where my siblings live in Texas, Philadelphia or Michigan. We are so fortunate to have so much farm to home produce available.

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